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Connected to Chicago with Bill Cameron
Connected to Chicago with Bill Cameron

    PLAY NOWConnected to Chicago - 04-12-14 (Pt. 2)
    Added: 4/11/14
    Connected to Chicago - 04-12-14 (Part 2) - The roundtable this week includes: Greg Hinz of Crain's Chicago Business, Lynn Sweet of the Sun-Times, and Ray Long and Eric Zorn of the Tribune. Host, Bill Cameron has a new idea to fix the pensions, but the panel is skeptical. Rahm's property tax remedy is on the table. Are there really better alternatives? Greg brings the wood to Eric's proposal to consider a city income tax. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius steps down, but is it the right time? The new nominee seems popular enough to secure confirmation, though Lynn predicts that her confirmation hearing will give the Republicans a big chance to re-litigate Obamacare. IRS leader Lois Lerner and the contempt of Congress charge. Eric says the whole thing is nonsense. The state legislature has adjourned for two weeks. When will they vote on the extension of the "temporary" tax? Maybe they can wait until after the election, but Greg doubts they'll wait. The fall ballot will have a number of referendums on the ballot. Is the term-limits question constitutional; and Lynn questions whether any of these reforms will really change anything anyhow. Ryan Burrow takes us to the Andersonville neighborhood where the Executive Director of the Swedish-American Museum is trying to return the symbolic Swedish flag water tank back to the top of the museum. The water tank was badly damaged during the bitter cold temperatures this winter, and had to be pulled off the building. The neighborhood has become more diverse over the years, and residents want to return the water tower to display the Swedish roots of the neighborhood. The museum is holding several fundraisers to help restore the landmark.
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    PLAY NOWConnected to Chicago - 04-12-14
    Added: 4/10/14
    Martin Oberman, Chairman of Metra talks to Bill Cameron about recent challenges for the agency as well as plans for future updates to the Chicago commuter rail system.
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    PLAY NOWConnected to Chicago - 04-05-14
    Added: 4/6/14
    Connected to Chicago - 04-05-14 - This week on connected to Chicago, Bill Cameron brings us both sides of this week’s proposal by Mayor Rahm Emanuel to raise property taxes and reduce benefits for some pension recipients. First we hear the mayor’s press conference from this earlier this week, followed by a statement from the Chicago Teachers Union, Vice President Jesse Sharkey. John Dempsey gets the latest update about the Chicago Marathon and changes to the sign-up process including the deadline to enter the lottery for this year’s race. In the Roundtable, Bill Cameron is joined by: Ray Long of the Chicago Tribune, Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun-Times, and Greg Hinz of Crain’s. Topics this week include: Mayor Emanuel’s plans to increase property taxes and revise pension benefits for city workers. Transportation is also on the checklist as the Governor’s task force on transportation for the region, recommended the addition of another agency to oversee management of groups like the CTA, PACE, & METRA. The U.S. Supreme Court has made a ruling to remove the ‘cap’ on individual donation limits to federal races. And the CUBS might start selling shares to boost financial support for upgrades to the team and the stadium.
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    PLAY NOWConnected to Chicago - 03-29-14
    Added: 3/28/14
    Connected to Chicago - 03-29-14 -- This week’s newsmaker is Andy Shaw, President and CEO of the Better Government Association. With an eye on government and focus on exposing corruption and other problems in political office, Andy discusses a few of the BGA’s most recent investigation focuses on allegedly improper conduct by members of the clout-heavy Cook County state's attorney's police. Also, actions of the States Attorney’s office in the Richard Vanecco / David Koschman case are now being called into question by the victim’s mother. The ‘L’ accident at O’Hare airport brings up the question of management problems in the operation of the Chicago Transit Authority. On the heals of Governor Quinn’s budget plans, Andy explains how State Rep. Jack Franks has been road blocked as he leads the way to “downsize” state operations and if all of the planned taxes and breaks are the best solution to the state’s financial problems. In the round-table, Bill Cameron is joined by: Greg Hinz of Crain's Chicago Business, Lynn Sweet of the Sun-Times, and Ray Long and Eric Zorn of the Tribune. The “Outrage of the Week” is a bill in Springfield which will release convicted killers over age 50 and that is sponsored by two state reps who are facing corruption charges. Senator, Mark Kirk made waves this weel when he made statements about his support for fellow Republican Jim Oberweis, who is running against Senator, Democrat Dick Durbin. Eric Zorn thinks it means that Kirk isn't going to run for re-election in 2016, but Sweet and Hinz say otherwise. Pat Quinn advocated making the "temporary" income tax increase, a permanent one. Nick Gale, closes the show with a sure sign of spring in Chicago, plans for 2014 “Public Art” displays.
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    PLAY NOWConnected to Chicago - 03-22-14
    Added: 3/21/14
    Connected to Chicago - 03-22-14 - Newsmaker Guest is Douglas Whitley, president and CEO of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce. The Round Table Panel includes: Lynn Sweet, Greg Hinz, Ray Long, & Eric Zorn who cover: The GOP gubernatorial primary turned out closer than expected, but why? Pat Quinn launched a media attack on Bruce Rauner before their speeches even finished; will it make a difference? Can Rauner work with Speaker Michael Madigan? Quinn’s budget address is next Wednesday what will he propose to resurrect the state financial disaster? Is a tax hike inevitable? Ryan Burrow closes the show with the story of Arlington Heights police officer Michael McEvoy, and his colleagues who helped him survive being shot while on a domestic disturbance call.
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    PLAY NOWConnected to Chicago - 03-15-14
    Added: 3/14/14
    Connected to Chicago - 03-15-14 --- This week, Bill Cameron interviews GOP Candidate for Governor, Bill Brady just days before the primary election. Recorded on Friday, Bill asks candidate Brady about his previous attempt at the governor’s seat and compares the previous race to the competition in this campaign. Is the Quinn ‘Slush Fund’ controversy something that could impeach Quinn? Brady is then asked to compare himself to each of the other candidates self-proclaimed “Strong Points”, and we get insight into Brady’s opinion of taxing concepts including a tax on retirement income and personal services. Bill Cameron’s round table panel segment includes: Greg Hinz of Crain's Chicago Business, Lynn Sweet of the Sun-Times, and Ray Long and Eric Zorn of the Tribune. It’s time for election predictions! Has Bruce Rauner developed some good political chops? Did the unions make enough of the ammunition they had against Rauner? Will we be shocked if Doug Truax beats Jim Oberweis for the GOP senate nomination? Robert Shaw, (age 77) throws his hat into the ring for mayor of Chicago next year and Cook County Board President, Toni Preckwinkle fails to close the door on a run for mayor. John Dempsey and Nick Gale close out this weeks show with a summary of the final GOP gubernatorial candidate debate.
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    PLAY NOWConnected to Chicago - 03/08/14
    Added: 3/7/14
    This week, Bill Cameron sits down with Don Orseno, the new CEO of Metra to talk about Metra’s headaches during this year’s winter, the need for modernization across the system, pedestrian accident prevention, and the future of Wi-Fi on train. Bill Cameron heads this week’s roundtable Mark Konkol of DNAinfo.com, Greg Hinz of Crain’s, and Ray Long of the Tribune: Will State Senator Kirk Dillard be able to overcome Bruce Rauner’s lead in the race to represent the GOP in the governor’s race? Should Illinois spend $100 million on a presidential library? Does Doug Truax have the right stuff to beat State Sen. Jim Oberweis? Can Truax or Oberweis defeat Sen. Dick Durbin? Is there a conspiracy behind CNN’s ‘Chicagoland?’ All that and more! Connect w/Bill Cameron on Twitter: @billjcameron
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    PLAY NOWConnected to Chicago - 03/01/14
    Added: 2/28/14
    This week, Bill Cameron sits down State Senator Jim Oberweis (R-Sugar Grove) to talk about his bid for US Senate. Bill gets the State Senator’s thoughts on speed limits in Illinois, the immigration and Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL). Bill Cameron heads this week’s roundtable with Lynn Sweet of the Sun-Times and Ray Long of the Tribune: Did Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel let slip his true feelings? Will the planned digital hub on Goose Island live up to its hype? Is Gov. Quinn in danger of being taken to court? What really is the connection between billionaire candidate for governor Bruce Rauner & Rahm Emanuel? Will a minimum wage hike make it throught the ‘do nothing’ Congress? All that and more! Connect w/Bill Cameron on Twitter: @billjcameron
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    PLAY NOWConnected to Chicago - 02/23/14
    Added: 2/21/14
    This week, Bill Cameron sits down in a rare interview with Illinois Senator Dick Durbin (D) to discuss his run for re-election, the political landscape on the national front and the endorsement of Durbin’s possible Republican opponent, Doug Truax, by Newt Gingrich. Bill Cameron heads this week’s roundtable with Lynn Sweet of the Sun-Times, and Ray Long and Eric Zorn of the Tribune: A discussion of various names in the news, including former congressman Mel Reynolds, future federal inmate Joseph Mario Moreno, potential mayoral candidate Karen Lewis, potential mayoral candidate Toni Preckwinkle and embattled DCFS appointee Arthur Bishop. Does the Arizona Supreme Court ruling adverse to pension reform rattle any dishes in Illinois, where a similar ruling will come down from our supreme court. Does presumptive GOP U.S. Senate candidate Jim Oberweis have a good change in the fall? (Zorn says no). The GOP gubernatorial primary: Will any of the three candidates trailing Bruce Rauner in the pols drops out? Should they? Will Jimmy Fallon take the polar plunge with Rahm Emanuel? Sure it's a stunt, but is it a good one? Connect w/Bill Cameron on Twitter: @billjcameron
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    PLAY NOWConnected to Chicago - 02/15/14
    Added: 2/14/14
    This week Bill Cameron sits down with Republican candidate for Senator, Doug Truax. Many Illinoisans might not recognize Mr. Truax’s name so he and Bill layout the candidates background and stance on many important issues, including immigration, taxes, foreign policy, and his opponent State Sen. Jim Oberweis. Bill Cameron heads this week’s roundtable this week Lynn Sweet of the Sun-Times, and Eric Zorn of the Tribune. On the docket: Treasurer Dan Rutherford's troubles and the state of the GOP primary race, which the panel seems ready to call as a victory for Bruce Rauner. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie comes to Chicago and strikes Bill as "a survivor." Is it too early to write him off for 2016? A minimum-wage hike looks to be in the works in Washington and Springfield. Finally, Ryan Burrow files a report on World Sport Chicago, a non-profit group which spawned from the Chicago 2016 Olympic bid. Connect w/Bill Cameron on Twitter: @billjcameron
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