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Connected to Chicago with Bill Cameron
Connected to Chicago with Bill Cameron

    PLAY NOWConnected To Chicago - 07-26-14
    Added: 7/25/14
    Connected To Chicago - 07-26-14 -- This week’s newsmaker is candidate for Illinois lieutenant governor, Paul Vallas. Bill asks him why he wants to be lieutenant governor, his feelings on what challenger Bruce Rauner is proposing, the supreme court pension decision, and how he feels the NRI scandal affects his party. In the Round Table, host Bill Cameron along with Lynn Sweet of the Sun-Times, and Greg Hinz of Crain's Chicago Business discuss the mayors reaction of a recent case of city violence, the latest on the red light ticket increase, the inconclusive court rulings on Affordable Care Act subsidies, and the crusade against corporate diversions to avoid taxation. Finally Ryan Burrow covers a charity event where firefighters compete to raise money to fight pediatric cancer.
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    PLAY NOWConnected To Chicago - 07-19-14
    Added: 7/18/14
    Connected To Chicago – 07-19-14 – This week’s newsmaker is Illinois Attorney General, Lisa Madigan. She discusses the scam artists that have been targeting recent college graduates with false promises of student loan debt relief, the consequences faced by the bankers responsible for the financial crisis, foreclosures on the increase in Illinois, and the state pension problem. Bill also asks her opinion on Toni Preckwinkle deciding not to run for mayoral office as well as what kind of mayor Karen Lewis would make. What would happen if Bruce Rauner is elected governor or if Pat Quinn is reelected? And does Madigan see herself in any other office? In the Round Table, host Bill Cameron along with Fran Spielman and Lynn Sweet of the Sun-Times, and Ray Long of the Chicago Tribune discuss why won’t anybody major challenge Rahm Emanuel? What could a challenger expect from Rahm if they did declare? What was the reaction to Bruce Rauner suggesting to broaden the sales tax? Also discussed is Israel invading Gaza, the term limits referendum, thousands of questionable red light camera tickets, and the latest on the slush fund scandal. Finally John Dempsey covers the 106th running of the Chicago to Mackinac yacht race.
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    PLAY NOWConnected To Chicago - 07-12-14
    Added: 7/11/14
    Connected To Chicago – 07-12-14 – This week’s newsmaker is Illinois Democratic Senator Mike Frerichs. Frerichs is running for State Treasurer and Bill asks him questions about what he stands for? Does he support a big bond issue? Does he think our current budget is balanced? And should the increase in state income tax extend beyond January? In the Round Table, host Bill Cameron along with Greg Hinz of Crain's Chicago Business, Lynn Sweet of the Sun-Times, and Ray Long of the Tribune discuss Bruce Rauner being involved in pay-to-play politics, the Pat Quinn slush fund, Senator Mark Kirk picking on the children crossing the boarder, and Speaker Boehner suing President Obama. Finally Nick Gale recaps the July 4th weekend violence with the suggestions of several politicians and community leaders on how to quell the violence.
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    PLAY NOWConnected To Chicago - 07-05-14
    Added: 7/4/14
    Connected To Chicago – 07-05-14 – This week’s newsmakers are James Nowlan and Thomas Johnson Authors of "Fixing Illinois" A book about where the state has been the past few decades and based on hope. In the Round Table, host Bill Cameron along with Greg Hinz of Crain's Chicago Business, Lynn Sweet of the Sun-Times, and Ray Long of the Tribune discuss the supreme court pension decision and also the mayor and his parade of cash and cabinet members. Finally Ryan Burrow covers the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act. To celebrate, The Illinois Department of Human Rights unveiled the traveling Freedom Riders exhibit.
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    PLAY NOWConnected To Chicago - 06-28-14
    Added: 6/27/14
    Connected To Chicago – 06-28-14 – This week’s newsmaker is GOP Party Chairman, Tim Schneider. They discuss if Bruce Rauner’s affluence is a potential obstacle in his run for Governor. Also how he doesn’t like to get specific about how he would fill the gap produced by not extending the income tax. Should the teacher’s union be scared of Rauner? What kind of mayor would Toni Preckwinkle make? And is there a plan to get rid of Mike Madigan? In the Round Table, host Bill Cameron along with Greg Hinz of Crain's Chicago Business, Lynn Sweet and Fran Spielman of the Sun-Times, and Ray Long of the Tribune discuss the debate on the proposed George Lucas Museum and the legality of the suggested placement, Aaron Schock being named Senior Deputy Whip hurting Peter Roskam’s attempt at moving up, and Karen Lewis running for mayor? Finally John Dempsey talks about this weekends gay pride parade in Lakeview and the significance as the first following the passing of gay marriage in Illinois.
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    PLAY NOWConnected to Chicago - 6/21/14
    Added: 6/20/14
    Bill Cameron hosts a recap of this week's news and events in the murky waters of Chicago politics. His newsmaker guest is Tom Cross, the Republican candidate for Illinois state treasurer. The two discuss what led Tom to run for treasurer in the first place, the fiscal situation in Illinois, Tom's opinions on Illinois' gubernatorial candidates, and Tom's opinion of the Trump Hotel sign. Bill also hosts his Round Table, with guests Ray Long of the Chicago Tribune and Greg Hinz of Crains Chicago Business.
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    PLAY NOWConnected To Chicago - 06-14-14
    Added: 6/13/14
    Connected To Chicago – 06-14-14 – This week’s newsmaker is Hilary Clinton. Hilary kicked off her book tour in Chicago last week and Bill Cameron narrates the highlights from the event. In the Round Table, host Bill Cameron along with Greg Hinz of Crain's Chicago Business and Lynn Sweet of the Sun-Times discuss Hilary’s visit along with Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s ties to the Clintons. Also discussed, Mayor Emanuel defeated by Donald Trump regarding the letters on his building. Rep. Peter Roskam hopes to move up the leadership ladder following the defeat of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. And the Rauner stunt where he featured live chickens to outline his cost-cutting plans. Does stupidity sell? Finally Ryan Burrow tackles the major construction project on the Kennedy Expressway at the Ohio Street overpass. What you need to know about how it affects your weekend travel plans.
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    PLAY NOWConnected To Chicago - 06-07-14
    Added: 6/6/14
    Connected To Chicago – 06-07-14 – This week’s newsmaker is Zach Fardon, United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois. Issues discussed include: Addressing the segmented violence the plagues some Chicago communities. Does chopping the heads off of gangs create its own problems? Can we prevent factions of gangs? Stopping those paroled from returning to crime. Does the family life of young children turn them to gang life and do the children see the gangs as families? And what can the business communities do to help with the violent situation? Also discussed is what the office is doing to combat political corruption, how many cases they see involving terrorism, and how concerned about it we should be in Chicago. In the Round Table, host Bill Cameron along with Greg Hinz of Crain's Chicago Business, Lynn Sweet of the Sun-Times, and Ray Long of the Tribune discuss Hillary deciding if she is running in 2016. Will Michelle Obama be running against Mark Kirk in 2016? And Bruce Rauner is getting cornered by pay-to-play politics? Finally John Dempsey speaks with NorthShore University Health System’s Carrie Jaworski, M.D. about coping with injuries while getting in shape. They discuss indentifying why you feel pain also ways of training around these pains. What are some effective ways to prepare for the upcoming Chicago Marathon as well as other local races?
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    PLAY NOWConnected to Chicago - 05-31-14
    Added: 5/30/14
    Connected to Chicago - 05-31-14 -- This week’s newsmaker is president of the Chicago Teachers Union; Karen Lewis. -- Issues discussed include: The upcoming elections and what the union is doing in preparation. What ever happened to teaching civics in the CPS. It's there, kind of, but not in the way it was when Lewis was a student. The nature of public schools seems to be highly political, but beyond the constitution test, kids really do not learn about the election process. Lewis explains goal achievement using backwards mapping... It's something the CTU is using to plan for the 2019 elections and master plan of the CPS. We are not working for the re-election of Rahm Emanuel. The front leader for his replacement is Toni Preckwinkle. Bob Fioretti is on the list of possible candidates. What makes Toni Preckwinkle the superior candidate to replace Rahm. Lewis claims that she is not a politician and rules herself out of the running to replace Rahm. The CTU could push their agenda if they had a friend on the 5th floor of City Hall. Speculating on what might push Preckwinkle, Bill asks for Karen's perspective, which remains positive for Preckwinkle should she toss her name into the race. Can 'Harold Fever' referring to the Harold Washington campaign of 1983, be found again in the black community going into the upcoming mayoral race? The Neo-liberal movement of Rahm has caused die-hard liberals to reconsider his place in the mayor’s office. Lewis claims that many residents feel neglected by the mayor who seems to 'lack a plan and a vision for the entire city'. Closing traditional schools and promoting charter schools is something that Lewis claims hasn't worked to improve the neighborhoods and lifestyle. 'He needs to move on to something he is comfortable with.' says Karen Lewis When asked if Rahm’s combative nature actually hurts him…. Lewis says they have not spoken since he 'cussed me out' back in 2011. Lewis concludes, ‘It would be so much fun to work towards fixing the problems, but that isn't on the agenda.’ In the Round Table, host Bill Cameron along with Greg Hinz of Crain's Chicago Business, Lynn Sweet of the Sun-Times, and Ray Long of the Tribune discuss the resignation of Eric Shinseki, the secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs. Down in Springfield, the action is hot and fast as work progresses on passing a budget as well as changes in the management structure of the Lincoln Library. The White House released a statement about changes in the policy towards deporting undocumented immigrants. Has President Obama weakened in his second term, and is Pat Quinn going to be able to extend the temporary tax rate in the state. Finally, Nick Gale focuses on this weekend’s “Stand Down” event which helps connect homeless veterans to services including government benefits for healthcare, housing, clothing and food. Many groups and organizations are participating and they expect to help some 700 – 800 veteran’s in some way. This is a semi-annual event put on by the Chicago Veterans Economic Development Council.
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    PLAY NOWConnected To Chicago - 05-24-14
    Added: 5/23/14
    Connected To Chicago – 05-24-14 This week’s newsmaker guest is Christine Radogno, Senate Republican Leader, in the Illinois General Assembly, 41st District in Cook, DuPage and Will counties. State Tax Increase – as the deadline nears, are there enough votes in the state house to extend the tax? If the tax rate extension does not happen, how will that change state spending and budgets? Is there a “Doomsday” budget that can be adhered to if the tax revenue is not available? What spending would be eliminated, and could any programs suffer from the loss of tax revenue? What reforms are the republicans proposing and what kind of pushback are the Democrats creating? If there is a spending bill passed, will pork projects like the proposed Obama library see any funding? Bruce Rauner is still ducking reporters’ questions about how he would budget the state should the tax extension end? Are the Democrats trying to portray Rauner as another “Mitt Romney”? The Equal Rights Amendment is back for a vote, but will it actually see the light of day? Are there any other s this another Democratic stunt to cover for Governor Pat Quinn’s failures? This Round Table Panel includes: Greg Hinz of Crain's Chicago Business, Lynn Sweet of the Sun-Times, and Ray Long of the Tribune. Will the state tax increase be extended, or will the 17% tax rate automatically be reduced when the law ends. Mike Madigan and others want to add a “Millionaire’s Tax” of 3% to anyone earning more than a million dollars… it failed as a referendum, but can it be added if the tax rate drops? There are 2 Illinois names on the congressional Benghazi panel. The previously named Peter Roskam and now Tammy Duckworth, who was just named by Nancy to one of 5 democrat seats on the panel. This week's community segment focuses on two veterans charities. This first, called Salute, Inc is based in the Northwest suburbs. They provide financial help to military families. It was started by a woman from Arlington Heights whose husband was deployed after 9/11. They have a 5K/10K this weekend in Arlington Heights which will be attended by Gov. Quinn. The second is a charity called Veterans Matters which helps veterans get down payments for housing. The group operates in several states, including Indiana (with the help of John Mellencamp), and are seeking help to branch into the Chicago area.
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