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Coffee Hour Podcast
Daily conversation with area newsmakers hosted by Butch Thurman

    PLAY NOWFeb 19 | Round-Up & Happy Canyon Hall of Fame
    Added: 2/19/18
    Hall of Fame board member Carl Culham talks with host Danny Houle about their upcoming Battle of the Bars and the role it plays in the overall support and development of the Round-Up and Happy Canyon Hall of Fame. Battle of the Bars is set for March 2 at the Let'er Buck Room.
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    PLAY NOWFeb 16 | Umatilla County District Attorney
    Added: 2/16/18
    Dan Primus, Umatilla Co District Attorney talks with host Butch Thurman updating cases heard in the news, school shootings and gun laws in light of this week's Florida school shooting.
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    PLAY NOWFeb 14 | City of Pendleton Public Works
    Added: 2/14/18
    Director of Public Works Bob Patterson talks with host Butch Thurman about what Public Works is up to this Spring and Summer. Topics include 2018 paving projects, construction of new 8th Street Bridge begins soon, infrastructure developments for UAS Test Range at the Airport Industrial Park, mapping of utilities and verifying the information collected.
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    PLAY NOWFeb 13 | Pendleton School District
    Added: 2/13/18
    Pendleton School Superintendent Chris Fritsch and Director of Special Programs Julie Smith join host Butch Thurman for a recap of last night's School Board Meeting. Topics include a week to honor the school's Classified employees, enrollment and graduation rates.
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    PLAY NOWFeb 12 | Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
    Added: 2/12/18
    Tim Campbell, Pendleton Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation talks with host Butch Thurman about this past weekend's Eastern Oregon Youth Skills Day at the Pendleton Convention Center attracting young hunters and more from throughout Oregon. Number of topical workshops, Elk bugling, wilderness conservation, survival and more.
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    PLAY NOWFeb 9 | US Rep. Greg Walden & Blue Mtn. Aero Club
    Added: 2/9/18
    Federal shutdown averted. Oregon US Representative Greg Walden updates host Butch Thurman on the budget deal struck early this morning. Flyers wanted. Ross Taylor and Ron Linn discuss the new Blue Mountain Aero Club working to restore recreational flying, make it affordable and training new pilots.
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    PLAY NOWFeb 8 | Cam Preus, BMCC President
    Added: 2/8/18
    Cam Preus, President of Blue Mountain Community College talks with host Butch Thurman about a scholarship fundraiser, the Farm 3 Project, Winter enrollment show 4-percent increase over this time last year, keeping tuition affordable for Community Colleges including Blue Mountain.
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    PLAY NOWFeb 7 | Pendleton City Council
    Added: 2/7/18
    Mayor John Turner and City Manager Robb Corbett talk with host Butch Thurman about last night's City Council meeting. Topics included special honor for late Councilor John Brenne, retired Parks Director Donnie Cook and new Parks head Liam Hughes, new businesses, housing continues rise, and Airport Industrial Park growing with UAS Test Range.
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    PLAY NOWFeb 6 | Stuart Rpberts, Pendleton Police Chief
    Added: 2/6/18
    Pendleton Police Chief Stuart Roberts visits with host Butch Thurman on a new Patrol Officer, a better way to deal with individuals with mental health issues, and what's on the legislative short session horizon.
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    PLAY NOWFeb 5 | National Weather Service - Pendleton
    Added: 2/5/18
    Marilyn Lohmann and Johnny Blagg discuss weather stats, trends and forecasts with host Butch Thurman. Review of previous 30 days, statistics, outlooks for snowpack and water supply, trends and forecasts. Technical Services Director Johnny Blagg explains how his team keeps the instruments and equipment meteorologists depend on operating reliably.
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