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KUMA Coffee Hour

    PLAY NOWJun 23 | Pendleton Parks and Recreation
    Added: 6/23/17
    Summer fun is the hot topic on the Coffee Hour in this conversation between guest Lisa Patrick and host Butch Thurman. Lisa updates summer programs and activities, extended discounts for online pool passes, wading pool open at Til Taylor Park, lots of hiking, sport and educational opportunities, too.
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    PLAY NOWJun 22 | Future Farm Expo
    Added: 6/22/17
    Jeff Lorton, Duke-Joseph Agency discusses the Future Farm Expo with host Butch Thurman. Topics include upcoming Future Farm Expo @ Pendleton Convention Center; advances in 'unmanned' farm equipment now in use; UAS, unmanned aerial systems, that scan and diagnose needs of crops on massive scale; and VR (virtual reality) fruit harvesting that could give farmers 'on demand' manpower for harvest.
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    PLAY NOWJun 21 | Pendleton City Council
    Added: 6/21/17
    Pendleton Mayor John Turner recaps last night's Development Commission and City Council Meetings with host Butch Thurman. PDC meeting hears a group of citizens proposing a new park to feature Veterans, land swap of City and School District properties, and Fresh Start Program. Contract with Police and Mediation with Fire Fighters, and millions in utility and road work around the Round-Up City.
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    PLAY NOWJun 20 | Larry Givens, Umatilla Co Commissioner
    Added: 6/20/17
    Larry Givens, Umatilla County Commissioner discusses issues impacting the County with host Butch Thurman. Blue Mountain Forest Plan, now more than 15 years of talking, but still no action by US Fish and Wildlife, County's budgeting process, banking PILT payments as a hedge and reserve to smooth the budget process in the future.
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    PLAY NOWJun 19 | 4th of July Parade & Buckaroo Rodeo Bible Camp
    Added: 6/19/17
    Fred Bradbury talks with host Butch Thurman about the upcoming 6th Annual 4th of July Parade with a new route - City Hall on Dorian to Main Street to Court and down to the Round-Up Grounds. Then Joe Meling discusses Buckaroo Rodeo Bible Camp that starts Sunday, June 25. 4-days for campers to gain Rodeo skills. life experience, and faith.
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    PLAY NOWJun 13 | Pendleton School District 16-R
    Added: 6/16/17
    Interim Superintendent Matt Yoshioka and Business Services Director Michelle Jones visit with host Butch Thurman about graduation, leadership changes for the district, and budget impact not as severe as once feared.
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    PLAY NOWJun 16 | Dan Primus, Umatilla Country District Attorney
    Added: 6/16/17
    Dan Primus, Umatilla County District Attorney discusses cases that have been in the news with host Butch Thurman. Also discussed BENT team taking large amounts of drugs off the streets, staff changes in his office.
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    PLAY NOWJun 15 | Umatilla County Sheriff's Office
    Added: 6/15/17
    Umatilla County Sheriff Terry Rowan discusses recent cases heard in the news including removing homeless encampment. Jail Commander, Captain Stuart Harp in the next segment talks about ICE detainers, when to shackle and when not to, and Court House security.
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    PLAY NOWJun 14 | Pendleton Public Works & Community Development
    Added: 6/14/17
    Lieden Cook, Public Works opens the Coffee Hour with host Butch Thurman to talk about the City's AlertSense app to keep Pendletonians informed. In the next segments, Tim Simons, Community Development Director talks about utility, road and parking lot projects stirring up dust around the City.
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    PLAY NOWJun 12 | Pendleton Mens Chorus & UC Health Lifeline
    Added: 6/12/17
    Bill Mayclin and Terry Dunlap return to the Coffee Hour to talk about the Pendleton Men's Chorus annual concert. Then, Amanda Walsborn, Prevention Education Specialist for Umatilla County Health and the Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Walsborn describes the Lifeline and how individuals can help and become involved.
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