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McIntyre In The Morning196 episodes available
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The Motorman2 episodes available
Taste Buds With Merrill Shindler1 episodes available
The Medical Show1 episodes available
Compound Stock Earnings36 episodes available
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Podcast Title
8a- Doug welcomes Henry Winkler! (53:58)
7a- we say goodbye to Rick Orlov ... (53:56)
6a- big rig collision on the 10... (54:20)
5a- finding #NonMonogamy in the digital age ... (55:23)
8a- Get ready for $20 parking at Dodger Stadium ... (53:55)
7a- Toddler takes out mom & dad with one shot! (53:41)
6a- Millennials entering the home buying market again . (54:12)
5a- Who gets the rights Zombie Cat! (55:49)
8a- Free Speech Friday! (54:22)
7a- big stories heading into this Sunday's Super Bowl! (54:04)
6a- a suitcase full of body parts in San Francisco ... (54:10)
5a- Suge Knight is in a bit of trouble (55:20)
8a- California putting e-Cigarettes on the BAN-wagon .. (54:11)
7a- Prop 47 clearing the jails ... (54:15)
6a- A new world record for selfies! (54:12)
5a- A "pissed off" USPS driver! (55:07)
8a- a "zombie" cat claws its way out of the grave! (54:19)
7a- Will Bowe Bergdahl be charged a deserter? (54:10)
6a- don't drink & drone! (54:04)
5a- White House pushing how AWESOME Amnesty will be ... (55:16)
8a-Ttackling a talent scam in Hollywood ... (54:26)
7a- CNN breaks out the "BlizzardMobile!" (54:21)
6a- America likes Obama again but why? (54:04)
5a- Union membership is at a 100-year low ... (55:29)
8a- 50/50 chance you can get away with murder in L.A. . (54:02)
7a- Remembering Chicago Cubs legend Ernie Banks... (53:44)
6a- Greece's collision course with the EU... (53:58)
5a- Brits got awards for being British... (55:13)
8a- Free Speech Friday! (54:31)
7a- GOP's AWFUL immigration bill ... (54:09)
6a- Obama answers what superpower he'd want to have ... (54:10)
5a- Kobe Bryan is broken and maybe for good... (55:30)
8a- Marky Ramone of The Ramones In Studio! (53:59)
7a- Pasadena multi-million dollar embezzlement scheme.. (53:43)
6a- State Of The Union flops in TWO languages... (54:11)
5a- L.A. getting ready to raise the kitty limit ! (55:17)
8a- Thoughts on Obama's State Of The Union ... (54:25)
7a- Get ready for Red Velvet Oreos!!!!! (54:22)
6a- There's terror in Yemen ... (53:53)
5a- Obama says his State Of The Union is strong... (55:39)
8a- DreamWorks to lay off lots after flop-tastic year . (54:04)
7a- long hours of sitting will kill you? (53:50)
6a- NFL's "Deflate-Gate"! (54:04)
5a- Is "Selma" a learning opportunity or propaganda? (55:18)
8a- Alligators being found in L.A. ? (54:13)
7a- Seahawks vs. Patriots in Super Bowl XLIV (54:34)
6a- "American Sniper" makes millions at the box office! (54:20)
5a- Record number of Americans are taking off MLK Day! (55:25)
8a- Free Speech Friday! (53:57)
7a- A hero cat saves a baby! (53:49)
6a- "In DOG We Trust" ... (54:02)
5a- Twitter reacts to "Dick Poop" (55:10)
8a- L.A. is a lot gassier than we thought ... (53:46)
7a- Norms on La Cienega will get the wrecking ball ... (54:08)
6a- A NASCAR driver's ex-girlfriend is a trained... (53:52)
5a- Illegals can now get their birth certificates in US (55:24)
8a- John Boehner's bartender was trying to poison him . (54:27)
7a- Muslim cleric issues a Fatwa on SNOWMEN! (54:06)
6a- Cadbury Egg CRISIS? (53:37)
5a- Why big rigs always catch fires under the overpass! (55:26)
8a- President Obama's costly amnesty ... (54:02)
7a- MLK's kids brawl over his stuff! (54:11)
6a- Reports on President Obama skipping Paris ... (54:08)
5a- Margaret Cho plays the "rice" card ... (55:24)
8a- No Olympics for you L.A. ... (54:38)
7a-Arthur C. Clarke predicted the internet 50 years ago (53:52)
6a- How cheaper gas is impacting the housing market... (54:03)
5a- Obama administration snubs Paris' march for freedom (55:35)
8a- Free Speech Friday! (53:53)
7a- Booze kills six of us a day .... (54:09)
6a- Tense hostage standoffs with gunmen in France ... (54:08)
5a- This weekend's Golden Globe Awards ... (55:08)
8a- 36% of illegals passed the driving test on Friday! (54:05)
7a- Should the media be self-censoring? (54:26)
6a- Hotel shortage after L.A.'s record tourism ... (54:32)
5a- Racy texts from 60 Minutes' Steve Kroft! (56:33)
8a- Hall of Fame baseball writers leaving the cheaters (53:58)
7a- L.A. tourism has exploded (54:11)
6a- The city of Cudahy has it's own foreign policy... (54:07)
5a- At least 12 were killed in France... (55:22)
8a- Rams looking to build an NFL stadium in Inglewood (53:52)
7a- The rise of the non-working man... (54:14)
6a- Why bother going to work? (54:19)
5a- Two more NYPD officers are shot (55:04)
8a- Post-Holiday workout... (54:14)
7a- Most types of cancer are just "bad luck" (54:07)
6a- DUI in a Rose Bowl golf cart! (54:44)
5a- bong vs. a machete! (55:25)
8a- Free Speech Friday! (54:38)
7a- There's Uber outrage! (54:10)
6a- Rose Parade is quite a mess! (54:27)
5a- There are 931 new laws in California for 2015... (55:11)
8a- Trying to overturn California's plastic ban law.... (54:10)
7a- Angelenos bundling up for NYE! (54:10)
6a- NYPD Police Union Head says talks Were a bust ... (54:10)
5a- The battle with Dish and Fox News (55:03)
8a- A woman is in trouble for smearing bacon on Police. (54:03)
7a- Ezell Ford's autopsy prompting new protests... (54:24)
6a- President Obama ruined a wedding... (54:03)
5a- This year's Rose Bowl will be COLD! (55:04)
8a- LAPD officers ambushed in South L.A... (54:16)
7a- Bill Cosby is fighting back! (54:08)
6a- GQ apparently couldn't find any crazy Democrats? (54:08)
5a- NYPD turning their backs on NYC's Mayor ... (55:06)
McIntyre In the Morning 12-26-2014 8AM (52:21)
McIntyre In the Morning 12-26-2014 7AM (54:33)
McIntyre In the Morning 12-26-2014 6AM (53:58)
McIntyre In the Morning 12-26-2014 5AM (55:13)
8a- LAX is a zoo for the Holidays ... (54:02)
7a- ISIS takes down an F-16... (53:59)
6a- Sony releasing "The Interview!" (53:58)
5a- Now you can SHAVE Santa! (55:37)
8a- 23% of you say BAH HUMBUG! (53:31)
7a- Seth MacFarlane talks With Doug! (54:50)
6a- SOY To The World! (54:27)
5a- You're going to REALLY hate 2015!!! (55:32)
8a- Police not pursuing nearly 79k fugitives .. (53:59)
7a- The Barham Blvd. exit is closing... (54:23)
6a- OC's economy "steady and balanced" (55:01)
5a- Christmas can kill you ... (55:11)
8a- Free Speech Friday! (53:23)
7a- Sony surrenders to North Korea... (54:17)
6a- Airlines most likely to lose your luggage .. (54:20)
5a- Should bicyclists have licenses? (55:25)
McIntyre In the Morning 12-18-2014 8AM (54:19)
McIntyre In the Morning 12-18-2014 7AM (54:11)
McIntyre In the Morning 12-18-2014 6AM (54:04)
McIntyre In the Morning 12-18-2014 5AM (54:57)
8a- America's "normalizing" relations with Cuba? (54:04)
7a- Jeb Bush says he's "actively exploring" running for (54:12)
6a- Pot smokin' Santa! (54:27)
5a- LAPD is giving officers body cameras for Christmas. (54:51)
8a- Saving the environment will get you yelled at! (54:22)
7a- Cute cats come to print! (54:02)
6a- Wheel Of Fortune with Wolf Blitzer? (54:25)
5a- 20% of Americans predicting they'll be in debt... (55:01)
8a- First-ever Crappy Christmas Carol Contest! (54:18)
7a- Mama June sex tape?!?! (53:51)
6a- A tornado touches down in L.A. (53:53)
5a- Terror hostage siege in Sydney... (54:15)
8a- Free Speech Friday! (54:15)
7a- London's air space is closed! (54:17)
6a- The best companies to work for... (54:47)
5a- Traffic Center on the STORM OF THE CENTURY! (54:58)
8a- Is Bill Cosby a "Somnophiliac?" (54:31)
6a- Surprises & snubs for the Golden Globes ... (54:37)
5a- Congress plans to spend your money and LOTS of it . (55:14)
8a- Diced onions leads to flying snakes... (54:46)
7a- Pres. Obama "torture report" was necessary (52:46)
6a- L.A. is the poverty capitol of the nation... (52:38)
5a- Help get us out of the drought... (55:34)
8a- Berkeley protesters going berserk ... (52:36)
7a- Commie college professor teaches kids to hate USA.. (52:36)
6a- These kids today and their computer codes ... (52:20)
5a- mountain-sized asteroid is headed our way... (55:25)
8a- Navy Seal raid into Yemen (52:32)
7a- DTLA with an update on the huge fire that shut down (52:24)
6a- The last deep South Democrat falls! (52:42)
5a- Doug is a "ladder" day saint (55:29)
8a- Free Speech Friday! (52:55)
7a- Black Friday Riot over 59 cent lap-dances... (52:43)
6a- Bill Cosby is suing back! (52:43)
5a- Peter Pan Live was must-see spectacularly bad ... (55:29)
8a- Get ready for Stormwatch #2 (52:42)
7a- 100 missing brains in Texas... (52:35)
6a- American teacher was killed by a Jihadist in Dubai. (52:49)
5a- New York City is now Ferguson (55:30)
8a- L.A. thinking about legalizing street vendors... (52:35)
7a- Does airline seating reflect income inequality? (52:46)
6a- Bill Cosby's problems deepen! (53:01)
5a- We survived the first round of rain & prep for more (55:32)
8a- How long gas prices will keep plunging... (52:17)
7a- L.A. gets its 1st revenge porn conviction... (52:47)
6a- STORMWATCH 2014! (52:39)
5a- Kurt Douglas isn't dead ... (55:29)
8a- Ray Rice given the OK to play... (52:42)
7a- Happy Birthday Bette Midler! (52:33)
6a- Don't criticize the Obama girls or else! (52:50)
5a- Christmas Parade creates traffic gridlock... (55:30)
8a- "I Love Ferguson" campaign literally going up.... (52:26)
7a- Man marries a TREE for a second time! (52:41)
6a- Ferguson comes to L.A. ... (52:31)
5a- There's an oil shortage -- an OLIVE oil shortage! (55:35)
8a- Automation makes us stupid! (52:35)
7a- Budweiser pinkslips the Clydesdales... (52:31)
6a- Seattle's mayor pardons "tofurky!" (52:49)
5a- protesters shutting down the 110 Freeway... (55:34)
8a- Chuck Hagel is stepping down as Defense Secretary (52:22)
7a- L.A. will have the worst traffic... (52:49)
6a- Missouri proposing a "riot tax?" (52:58)
5a- Obama's executive action to the Emancipation... (55:32)
8a - It's Free Speech Friday! (52:43)
7a- Inhale this year's "word of the year" -- VAPE! (53:04)
6a- LAUSD's computer fix is $98 million and counting! (52:31)
5a- Obamacare's phony signup numbers! (55:19)