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Peter Tilden158 episodes available
The Medical Show1 episodes available
Compound Stock Earnings36 episodes available
House Calls45 episodes available
National Mortgage Radio1 episodes available
Behind the curtain with Jack Burkman32 episodes available
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Podcast Title
It's Free Speech Friday! - 8AM (52:57)
Facebook is TICKING OFF DRAG QUEENS - 7AM (53:15)
Congressman Tom McClintock - 6AM (53:03)
The saga of Gordo the dog - 5AM (53:04)
8a- Rob Ford has aggressive cancer ... (53:09)
7a-Who knew there was a market for stolen tortoises ... (53:00)
6a- Scots go to the polls to vote on splitting... (53:01)
5a- A new study says over half of you are single ... (53:28)
8a- conservatives & liberals smell different ... (53:11)
7a- The drought creating a sushi crisis .... (52:58)
6a- "guest workers" stealing our tech jobs ... (52:55)
5a- It's STILL A THOUSAND DEGREES!!! (53:08)
8a- We let you share your thoughts and experiences... (53:01)
7a- Another factory closing shop in Southern California (53:30)
6a- Pasadena giving parking meter $$$ to the homeless. (53:11)
5a- The latest on the ISIS crisis! (52:58)
World War III? - 8AM (52:28)
What Women Really Want - 7AM (52:54)
General Peter Chiarelli - 6AM (53:08)
Are tattoos still taboo? - 5AM (52:56)
8a- Free Speech Friday! (53:01)
7a- LAUSD: locked, loaded & deleting! (53:12)
6a- It's going to be a THOUSAND DEGREES this weekend! (53:08)
5a- Oscar Pistorius is guilty of something! (52:54)
8a- Why Pres Obama's ISIS strategy is too vague... (53:00)
7a- You can now buy weed with your welfare card... (53:42)
6a- 19% of showbiz jobs have disappeared in two years.. (53:44)
5a - We will never forget 9/11 (53:28)
8a- L.A. Times agrees with the new bicycle law... (52:50)
7a- There's new Apple crap! (53:10)
6a- "The Mustache" may finally be going to jail! (53:22)
5a- McDonald's not so McHappy! (52:49)
8a- Russia practices bombing us! (53:07)
7a- A burglary with a homemade flame thrower! (53:04)
6a- already-closed Colossus catches fire! (53:13)
5a- iFever! (52:51)
8a- Obama decides to delay immigration reform... (53:09)
7a- Why a statewide plastic bag ban is stupid ... (53:04)
6a- Chick-fil-A founder has been called home to Jesus! (53:15)
5a- Standing is the best anti-aging technique? (52:54)
8a- Free Speech Friday! (52:26)
7a- Who won the California gubernatorial debate ... (53:13)
6a- How ISIS is using social media to recruit Americans (53:05)
5a- Joan Rivers remembered... (57:15)
8a- New Ca law that demands more room for bicycles. (52:58)
7a- Melissa Rivers says Joan Rivers is out of intensive (52:44)
6a- 10% of California workers are illegal ... (52:38)
5a- Tesla has picked Nevada for its giant battery... (53:00)
8a- new law will prevent you from hitting bicycles... (53:12)
7a- Doug takes the Ice Bucket Challenge using the Cup! (52:58)
6a- Mom says Uzi "was too much" for a 9-year-old girl.. (53:09)
5a- Joan Rivers is either doing great or getting worse? (53:02)
8a- hackers gained access to celebrities' private pics! (52:52)
7a- Mayor Garcetti pushing a maximum wage... (53:04)
6a- The planet is coming apart like a $4 suit ... (52:51)
5a- Get a mortgage, get a cat! (53:03)
8a- Obamacare lies! (53:13)
7a- Senator Gillibrand is called "porky!" (52:46)
6a- how Rick Perry's indictment will affect his bid... (53:04)
5a- A mom's pregnancy leaves her son "exasperated!" (52:56)
8a- Free Speech Friday! (52:58)
7a- The giant rubber duckie is dead! (53:05)
6a- Russia invading Ukraine ... (52:53)
5a- Yes We Tan! (53:00)
jim fox talks with doug mcintyre (5:55)
8a- USC's John Shaw admitting he's not a hero ... (53:08)
7a- Mayor Garcetti ready to pitch a $13.25 minimum wage (53:19)
6a- $2 million in LAUSD iPads have gone missing ... (53:15)
5a- CBS is being sued over hippo farts! (52:59)
8a- matchmaking website for singles with a dog! (52:59)
7a- Jim Fox talks about this year's Hockey Fest... (53:09)
6a- California is apparently too green for Tesla... (52:48)
5a- Paul Koretz gives away the fire house... (53:07)
8a- Reports from Napa where the ground is still shaking (52:55)
7a - Paul Koretz hails taxi money while trying to kill (53:12)
6a- LAUSD kills the $1 Billion iPad program... (52:49)
5a-Burger King ready to flee to Canada because of taxes (53:01)
8a- Glenn Whipp forecasts tonight's Emmy Awards... (53:04)
7a- Yoga clothes are more popular than yoga ... (53:03)
6a- A series of shootings takes over L.A. ... (53:02)
5a- The biggest earthquake in 25 years hit the Bay Area (53:09)
8a- Free Speech Friday! (52:43)
7a- Hollywood residents target Target! (53:16)
6a- The giant duckie is here! (52:53)
5a- Sunkist kisses L.A. goodbye (53:04)
8a- Good luck being able to afford a house! (52:46)
7a- don't throw staplers! (53:18)
6a- NFL wanting Super Bowl halftime performers to pay.. (53:03)
5a- shorter fruit trees means shorter illegal workers! (53:04)
8a- Why California is screwed ... (53:39)
7a-Ladies, deal with cat calls cause they're flattering (52:49)
6a- ISIS is more dangerous than Ebola! (53:17)
5a- Is there any good news to report anymore? (53:14)
8a- RIP to the voice of SNL Don Pardo ... (53:10)
7a- Average cost of raising a kid hits a record high (53:04)
6a- What we learned in the new autopsy of Michael Brown (53:11)
5a- San Bernardino's exploding solar birds! (52:58)
8a- fallout from handling of Michael Brown's shooting. (53:03)
7a- Colossus closes forever ... (53:07)
6a- evolution and dangers of militarizing the police... (52:56)
5a- A Wisconsin woman is accused of harassing a giraffe (53:03)
It's Free Speech Friday! - 8AM (53:08)
California State Senator Jim Nielsen - 7AM (52:50)
Protests have turned peaceful - 6AM (53:20)
California's drought has stopped getting worse! - 5AM (52:59)
8a- Millions for not being able to nap on the job ... (53:02)
7a- Polls suggests EVERYTHING SUCKS ... (53:11)
6a- LAUSD is open to Central America kids ... (53:17)
5a- Boots ARE on the ground in Iraq ... (53:00)
8a- Meet hacker cat! (53:15)
7a- ROBOT BUTLERS! ... (53:10)
6a- Clippers finally owned by a non-racist billionaire. (53:15)
5a- Grandma goes to jail for public sex at ... (52:59)
7a- Selfies can kill! (53:05)
6a- why it's time to replace LAPD Chief Charlie Beck... (52:55)
5a- Reaction to Robin Williams' tragic death ... (53:00)
8a- NSACAR's Tony Stewart killing a rival driver... (53:04)
7a- Michael Jackson: the King Of "Poop!" (53:06)
6a- Loot me in St. Louis... (52:56)
5a - Doug fights a fever for Paul McCartney ... (53:07)
8a- Free Speech Friday! (53:20)
7a- Pope says don't waste your time online! (53:11)
6a- We look at the "coolest cities" list... (53:06)
5a- Its time to bomb Iraq... again... (53:04)
8a- LAUSD is calling for an end to dropouts... (52:55)
7a- YouTube stars are bigger than Hollywood stars... (53:09)
6a- You've most likely been hacked by Russians... (53:06)
5a- monkey owns the copyright to his selfie! (53:01)
8a-L.A. gets an "F" for business friendliness! (53:13)
7a- Can a drought cause an earthquake? (52:59)
6a- Porn production is now moving out of L.A. to Ky (53:08)
5a- New water pipes are busting in L.A. ... (53:02)
8a- Shelters for illegal kids closing down... (53:11)
7a- Hollywood is still racist ... (53:08)
6a- The new bag ban has led to more shoplifting... (53:16)
5a- Where have all the voters gone? (53:06)
8a- There's a changing nature of work in America... (53:12)
7a- Dr. Daliah talks about the media's ebola hysteria (53:00)
6a- million-dollar home sales on the rise again (53:21)
5a- Typical L.A. Times handwringing over illegal aliens (52:54)
8a- Free Speech Friday! (53:02)
7a- A giraffe goes head-to-overpass! (53:13)
6a- A three-day truce in Gaza lasted just 90 seconds... (53:07)
5a- A USC dreamer from China is murdered... (53:08)
8a- A new study says a third of us are in collections . (53:22)
7a- Why Richard Alarcon's arrogance was his undoing ... (53:20)
6a- Another water main breaks in Eagle Rock ... (53:10)
5a- "Gender-open" bathrooms launch at Northwestern ... (53:09)
8a- L.A. Kings legend Luc Robataille joining KABC... (53:13)
7a- Vin Scully will return for a 66th season ... (53:08)
6a- Israel's massive offensive against Hamas... (53:01)
5a- ABC 7 gets punked by a "DWP spokesperson" (53:01)
8a- Today's kids are only reading in 140 characters... (53:16)
7a- Drunken road-raging Florida man ran over himself! (53:12)
6a- Gay marriage has boosted marriage in California... (53:16)
5a- Democrats' impeachment fixation... (53:04)
The place where ice cream doesn't melt - 8AM (53:09)
Watching your WAISTLINE - 7AM (53:10)
California's pricey teachers - 6AM (53:03)
"The Mustache" Gets a Pension - 5AM (53:03)
8a- Free Speech Friday! (53:00)
7a- 50 Shades Of "Marketing" (53:01)
5a- The "Century Crunch" (53:05)
8a- Another "botched" execution... (53:14)
7a- Black & white is the new orange! (53:09)
6a- Who authorized the FAA's Israel flight ban... (53:06)
5a- Pres. Obama stops both cars AND women in labor... (53:05)
8a- why is John Phillips obsessed with Doug's nipples?! (53:00)
7a- Pres. Obama's back in town! (53:21)
6a- There are massive fruit recalls because fruit kills (52:56)
5a- God can't drive! (53:04)
8a- Sending the National Guard to the border? (53:00)
7a- The problem of subsidizing big business. (53:14)
6a- Sterling vs. Sterling trial. (53:09)
5a- The Kings are coming to KABC (53:10)
8a- Pres. Obama talks about the situation at the crash. (53:10)
7a- Solutions to our water emergency ... (53:08)
6a- Rupert Murdoch wanting to take over Time Warner... (52:54)
5a- Swimming pools are a waste of water? (53:05)
8a- Free Speech Friday! (1:06:45)
7a- More guns=less crime in Motown! (53:09)
6a- A judge rules all L.A. parking tickets may be... (53:05)
5a- Russian response to the Malaysia plane shot down .. (53:06)
8a- another Malaysia Airlines flight that went missing? (53:01)
7a- TSA doesn't know Washington D.C. is in America! (53:00)
6a- The death penalty has been murdered in California.. (53:00)
5a- Stockton bank robbery gun battle left three dead... (53:01)
8a- Shutting down the city's first pot farmers market.. (53:05)
7a- Should there be a $15/hour minimum wage in L.A. ... (53:09)
6a- Mayor Garcetti offers L.A. to shelter illegal kids. (53:06)
5a- $500 A DAY fine if you over-water your lawn... (53:03)
Stone Cold Reporting - 8AM (52:48)
Dr. Daliah -7AM (52:59)
Bowe Bergdahl back on Duty - 6AM (53:02)
Battle for the border - 5AM (52:58)
8a- The controversial release of the "Pillowcase Rapist (53:27)
7a- A pro-Israel rally in Westwood led to violence... (53:00)
6a- Foreigners buying all our houses! (53:00)
5a- Germany's thrilling 1-0 win in the World Cup... (52:59)
8a- Free Speech Friday! (53:05)
7A- "The Pillowcase Rapist" find a home... (53:06)
6a- The latest on the tensions with Hamas ... (53:19)
5a- Rosie is back on The View! (53:02)
8a- Primetime Emmy nominees and who got snubbed ... (53:31)
7a- LAFD hiring firefighters at random! (53:16)
6a- A man in Texas slaughters his family ... (53:14)
5a- dozens have been killed in Gaza airstrikes... (53:03)
8a- showdown over the border crisis! (53:36)
7a- President Obama takes a stroll in Denver... (53:46)
6a- Germany crushing Brazil... (50:21)
5a- living underwater for a record 31 days... (53:10)
NFL's concussion settlement - 8AM (52:53)
Dr. Jay Kaplan - 7AM (52:56)
Jack Humphreville - 6AM (53:33)
Immigration crisis - 5AM (52:56)
8a- Say hello to the Caliph of Iraq! (53:17)
7a- Latest on the immigration crisis! (52:53)
6a- CHP Officer on the 10 is causing a kerfuffle... (52:52)
5a- Latest on the white shark who attacked a swimmer... (53:08)
McIntyre In The Morning 7-03-14 8AM (53:19)
McIntyre In The Morning 7-03-14 7AM (53:06)
McIntyre In The Morning 7-03-14 6AM (53:16)
McIntyre In The Morning 7-03-14 5AM (52:56)