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Podcast Title
8a- Police not pursuing nearly 79k fugitives .. (53:59)
7a- The Barham Blvd. exit is closing... (54:23)
6a- OC's economy "steady and balanced" (55:01)
5a- Christmas can kill you ... (55:11)
8a- Free Speech Friday! (53:23)
7a- Sony surrenders to North Korea... (54:17)
6a- Airlines most likely to lose your luggage .. (54:20)
5a- Should bicyclists have licenses? (55:25)
McIntyre In the Morning 12-18-2014 8AM (54:19)
McIntyre In the Morning 12-18-2014 7AM (54:11)
McIntyre In the Morning 12-18-2014 6AM (54:04)
McIntyre In the Morning 12-18-2014 5AM (54:57)
8a- America's "normalizing" relations with Cuba? (54:04)
7a- Jeb Bush says he's "actively exploring" running for (54:12)
6a- Pot smokin' Santa! (54:27)
5a- LAPD is giving officers body cameras for Christmas. (54:51)
8a- Saving the environment will get you yelled at! (54:22)
7a- Cute cats come to print! (54:02)
6a- Wheel Of Fortune with Wolf Blitzer? (54:25)
5a- 20% of Americans predicting they'll be in debt... (55:01)
8a- First-ever Crappy Christmas Carol Contest! (54:18)
7a- Mama June sex tape?!?! (53:51)
6a- A tornado touches down in L.A. (53:53)
5a- Terror hostage siege in Sydney... (54:15)
8a- Free Speech Friday! (54:15)
7a- London's air space is closed! (54:17)
6a- The best companies to work for... (54:47)
5a- Traffic Center on the STORM OF THE CENTURY! (54:58)
8a- Is Bill Cosby a "Somnophiliac?" (54:31)
6a- Surprises & snubs for the Golden Globes ... (54:37)
5a- Congress plans to spend your money and LOTS of it . (55:14)
8a- Diced onions leads to flying snakes... (54:46)
7a- Pres. Obama "torture report" was necessary (52:46)
6a- L.A. is the poverty capitol of the nation... (52:38)
5a- Help get us out of the drought... (55:34)
8a- Berkeley protesters going berserk ... (52:36)
7a- Commie college professor teaches kids to hate USA.. (52:36)
6a- These kids today and their computer codes ... (52:20)
5a- mountain-sized asteroid is headed our way... (55:25)
8a- Navy Seal raid into Yemen (52:32)
7a- DTLA with an update on the huge fire that shut down (52:24)
6a- The last deep South Democrat falls! (52:42)
5a- Doug is a "ladder" day saint (55:29)
8a- Free Speech Friday! (52:55)
7a- Black Friday Riot over 59 cent lap-dances... (52:43)
6a- Bill Cosby is suing back! (52:43)
5a- Peter Pan Live was must-see spectacularly bad ... (55:29)
8a- Get ready for Stormwatch #2 (52:42)
7a- 100 missing brains in Texas... (52:35)
6a- American teacher was killed by a Jihadist in Dubai. (52:49)
5a- New York City is now Ferguson (55:30)
8a- L.A. thinking about legalizing street vendors... (52:35)
7a- Does airline seating reflect income inequality? (52:46)
6a- Bill Cosby's problems deepen! (53:01)
5a- We survived the first round of rain & prep for more (55:32)
8a- How long gas prices will keep plunging... (52:17)
7a- L.A. gets its 1st revenge porn conviction... (52:47)
6a- STORMWATCH 2014! (52:39)
5a- Kurt Douglas isn't dead ... (55:29)
8a- Ray Rice given the OK to play... (52:42)
7a- Happy Birthday Bette Midler! (52:33)
6a- Don't criticize the Obama girls or else! (52:50)
5a- Christmas Parade creates traffic gridlock... (55:30)
8a- "I Love Ferguson" campaign literally going up.... (52:26)
7a- Man marries a TREE for a second time! (52:41)
6a- Ferguson comes to L.A. ... (52:31)
5a- There's an oil shortage -- an OLIVE oil shortage! (55:35)
8a- Automation makes us stupid! (52:35)
7a- Budweiser pinkslips the Clydesdales... (52:31)
6a- Seattle's mayor pardons "tofurky!" (52:49)
5a- protesters shutting down the 110 Freeway... (55:34)
8a- Chuck Hagel is stepping down as Defense Secretary (52:22)
7a- L.A. will have the worst traffic... (52:49)
6a- Missouri proposing a "riot tax?" (52:58)
5a- Obama's executive action to the Emancipation... (55:32)
8a - It's Free Speech Friday! (52:43)
7a- Inhale this year's "word of the year" -- VAPE! (53:04)
6a- LAUSD's computer fix is $98 million and counting! (52:31)
5a- Obamacare's phony signup numbers! (55:19)
8a- NBC & TVLand cancel Cosby... (52:47)
7a- Bob Marley estate to sell branded products! (52:51)
6a- Bono is more banged up than we thought! (53:12)
5a- Now you can get a fat pimple-faced "normal" Barbie! (55:19)
8a- Bill Cosby accuser shares her story with Doug... (52:35)
7a- Your thoughts on OC's "highway robbery" toll roads! (52:52)
6a- That's one tough Dutch mother! (52:38)
5a- Keystone was KO'ed in the Senate! (54:55)
8a- Changing the name of Bob Hope Airport. (52:50)
7a- Orange County's toll roads are a "cash cow"! (52:33)
6a- Mr. & Mrs. Manson? (52:51)
5a- Drone takes pictures of a nude sunbather! (55:19)
8a- ISIS apparently killed another American. (53:31)
7a- Paul Hatfield talks about L.A.'s rotten DWP deal (52:51)
6a- L.A. being one of the least-affordable housing... (53:05)
5a- NFL locker room drug raids... (55:32)
8a- Free Speech Friday! (52:47)
7a- Seahawks are accused of watering down your beer! (52:47)
6a- ISIS & Al Qaeda joining forces? (52:55)
5a- John Wayne Bobbitt's lucky break! (55:35)
8a- Clayton Kershaw picking up a third Cy Young . (52:19)
7a- Ferguson bracing for violence... (52:39)
6a- "Castrate The Mayor!" (52:47)
5a- A 10-point amnesty plan could be coming as soon... (55:27)
8a- Scientists have found the "stupidity virus!" (52:59)
7a- Black Friday Fever's here! (52:35)
6a- Drought is causing gardeners to dry up! (52:55)
5a- Ferguson is bracing for more riots (55:33)
8a- how long we can enjoy gas prices in Ca dropping (52:53)
7a- China is going postal (52:04)
6a- Teen cheerleaders are suing a former Mayor (52:39)
5a- "Where are you from? LIBERIA?!?!" (55:01)
8a- will Obama's final two years be a disaster? (52:53)
7a- President Obama's push to tackle amnesty on his own (52:52)
6a- A tour guide's racist rant in Chinatown! (52:47)
5a- windowless airplanes! (55:29)
It's Free Speech Friday! - 8AM (52:41)
Hollywood Millenium Skyscrapers - 7AM (54:15)
Cash Economy - 6AM (53:02)
President Obama & Congress - 5AM (55:15)
8a- UC wants to hike tuition for the next five years .. (52:31)
7a- Republicans killing Sacramento's supermajority ... (52:34)
6a- Israel suffers another terrorist attack... (52:41)
5a- What is California's most popular job? (53:29)
8a- Is it time for Kobe to leave the Lakers? (52:28)
7a- The cost of fixing LAUSD's computers causes a ... (52:40)
6a- Angelina Jolie for President?! (52:00)
5a- NYC is overestimating its rat problem... (53:11)
8a- Midterm Madness has commenced... (52:00)
7a- A new study says half of you have a roommate (52:36)
6a- how the midterm election results will affect Obama (52:29)
5a- RIP to Click of NPR's Click & Clack... (53:06)
7a- California has a skills gap... (52:31)
6a- Rumors that Kobe will be traded to the Knicks (52:43)
5a-Michael Jordan calls President Obama a $#*tty golfer (53:32)
It's Free Speech Friday! - 8AM (53:39)
LAUSD cancels John Deasy's credit card - 7AM (53:48)
FAT crash test dummies - 6AM (53:25)
Cop Killer Captured - 5AM (53:22)
8a- Royals coming up short against the Giants... (53:25)
7a- Prop 46 will be a disaster for healthcare . (52:53)
6a- The latest thing that will kill you: MILK! (53:26)
5a- Halloween is not just for kids in L.A. .. (52:58)
8a- Cops pay the price for political correctness! (53:07)
7a- You can't take a cannon barrel on a plane to LAX! (53:14)
6a- Lakers losing their top draft pick on opening night (53:37)
An unmanned NASA rocket went KABOOM ... (53:02)
8a- 26% of Americans get ZERO exercise! (53:17)
7a- Latest on a twice-deported illegal gunning down... (53:20)
6a- Walmart is in hot water for selling "Fat Girl"... (53:24)
5a- A new study says men are TOO SOFT for DIY... (53:33)
8a- The Sacramento cop killer is an illegal alien... (53:40)
7a- The legality of putting people in Ebola quarantine. (53:37)
6a- North Carolina's high risk of voter fraud... (53:27)
5a- How geeks took over the world .. (53:27)
8a- Free Speech Friday! (53:15)
7a- The feds wanting to "monitor" political Tweets now? (53:34)
6a- report that finds leaky pipes are costing us $$$. (53:29)
5a- The UK will pay fatties to burn it off! (53:29)
8a- Where are your tax dollars going? (52:32)
7a- Chinese girl who got dumped spent a WEEK at KFC! (53:48)
6a- Reports from Ottawa with the latest... (53:32)
5a- The Brits want an NFL team ... (53:33)
8a- Obama ordering 34 million blank green cards ... (52:48)
7a- Ottawa is in lockdown after shots fired . (53:24)
6a- We need a FEAR CZAR!!! (53:18)
5a- Another veteran LAPD officer broke bad ... (53:06)
8a- CA's expensive Prop 1 will help our water shortage (52:28)
7a- Preview of the upcoming election (52:47)
6a- guy in a wing suit surprises passengers in the Air! (52:58)
5a- Will L.A. ban genetically-modified crops? (53:03)
8a- Russian subs in Sweden & ISIS learning how to fly! (53:04)
7a- 405 traffic being WORSE after spending a billion $. (53:16)
6a- Ding dong, Deasy's done! Now what... (53:15)
5a - How do you like your raccoon cooked? (53:07)
8a- Free Speech Friday! (52:36)
7a- The impact of John Deasy's resignation ... (53:08)
6a- A stat on terrorism you won't hear about . (52:43)
5a- 48 million people are in poverty! (53:06)
8a- Colleges are not teaching basic skills... (52:45)
7a- Arrested for aggressive mopping! (52:58)
6a- Will we get HBO WITHOUT CABLE?! (53:51)
5a- John Deasy is reportedly OUT at LAUSD... (53:36)
8a- "The Mustache" Richard Alarcon getting 120 days... (52:40)
7a- Dodgers reassigning Ned Colletti... (52:38)
6a- Crazy left blaming the GOP for Ebola ... (53:00)
5a- Ebola hoax on an L.A. bus will cost us thousands... (53:06)
8a- ISIS is trying to justify enslaving women? Really? (52:34)
7a- The reason we don't have an Ebola vaccine? (52:33)
6a- Beware: Prop 47 cuts sentences for 20% of convicts (52:53)