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The Medical Show21 episodes available
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Podcast Title
8a- Tiger Woods' absence costing the PGA billions ... (53:02)
7a- Jason Frank talks about his viral kick to the head (53:08)
6a- Irwindale waffles on Sriracha sauce! (53:24)
5a- spotlight on the skyrocketing rent in L.A. ... (52:56)
8a- Supreme Court is going negative on affirmative act! (52:56)
7a- Court decision that may change TV forever ... (52:55)
6a- Wreckage that may actually be from Flight 370... (53:06)
5a- American build-up of troops in Poland... (53:03)
8a- NBC hires psychological consultant ... (52:55)
7a- Netflix is hiking prices for new members... (53:11)
6a- 15-year French study says that bras are a ... (52:59)
5a- L.A. faces three more years of deficits.... (52:58)
8a- The stupidest L.A. Times story EVER... (52:43)
7a- Prize fighter "Hurricane" Carter dies... (52:56)
6a- A teen survives a wheel-well flight to Hawaii ... (53:09)
5a- Get ready to get drunk in powder form! (53:04)
8a - It's Free Speech Friday! (52:55)
7a- Garcetti will fund budget w/ more parking tickets. (52:45)
6a- a man named "Cocaine" is busted for drugs! (52:43)
5a- Portland flushes a 38-million gallon reservoir ... (53:00)
8a- study that shows smoking weed gives you brain damag (52:48)
7a- Sriracha hot sauce factory from California to Texas (53:12)
6a- Robert Rizzo says he's sorry for being so crooked! (53:07)
5a- CNN breaks the sinking of the Titanic yesterday! (53:08)
8a- Mayor Garcetti wants to kill the business tax NOW (52:57)
7a- Kids using iPads can't understand toy blocks... (52:56)
6a- Pushing for a school dress code for adults! (52:59)
5a- Porky Leo DiCaprio feeds the fat joke industry! (53:05)
Yasiel Puig's coming to American story- 8AM (52:58)
Mayor Garcetti announces his budget - 7AM (52:28)
It's Tax Day! - 6AM (52:42)
T-Rae is back! Literally! - 5AM (52:56)
8a- Buildings may soon get an earthquake rating system! (52:59)
7a- We're footing the $200k legal fees... (52:58)
6a- 60% of Californians says enough with taxes already! (52:45)
5a- Tax day is bringing the "Blood Moon" (52:58)
8a - It's Free Speech Friday! (52:51)
7a- Hillary Clinton dodges a shoe. (52:52)
6a- Bell tolling on Angela Spaccia who got nearly 12yrs (53:03)
5a- Stephen Colbert will become the new Letterman. (52:58)
8a- Thoughts on how we can improve L.A.! (52:57)
7a- The evolution of talk radio! (52:40)
6a- Sriracha hot sauce a public nuisance? (53:02)
5a- the Oscar selfie may be worth a billion dollars! (53:02)
8a- details on the guy who shot up a police station (52:52)
7a- There's a fight over Mickey Rooney's bones! (52:41)
6a- Say goodbye to the middle class (52:35)
5a-A baby is out on bail after being charged w/ murder. (52:52)
Author Mary Roach - 8AM (52:49)
Chris "Mad Dog" Russo - 7AM (52:58)
Hungry Hungry Huskies - 6AM (52:37)
Nursing Home Strippers -5AM (52:56)
8a- Dodgers' home opener which most fans couldn't view. (52:53)
7a- RIP Mickey Rooney... (52:53)
6a- the unlikely NCAA championship game between U-Conn (52:52)
5a- 100 people were arrested in Santa Barbra riot... (52:54)
8a - It's Free Speech Friday! (53:06)
7a- Dr. Edward Leamer discusses L.A.'s lack of growth.. (52:53)
6a- U.S. government is giving out phone sex numbers! (52:13)
5a- David Letterman is leaving... (53:03)
8a- Starbucks staff in Seattle is superior to L.A. ... (53:00)
7a- President Obama can't just arbitrarily change laws. (52:50)
6a- Paul Rothstein talks about SCOTUS' (53:16)
5a- Vegetarians are less healthy than the rest of us... (53:01)
8a- 49% of Americans now approve of Obamacare ... (52:58)
7a- Chronic pot use is up 84%... (53:12)
6a- A SUPER volcano blowing up at Yellowstone?! (52:45)
5a- A huge earthquake in Chile... (53:01)
Obamacare success stories! - 8AM (52:45)
Jay Carney - 7AM (52:32)
Mary Schiavo - 6AM (53:07)
Ronan Farrow - 5AM (52:53)
8a- Final Four and riots in Tucson after Arizona loses! (52:50)
7a- The deadline for Obamacare is here! (53:02)
6a- Putin wants Russia to "regain" Finland! (53:14)
5a - Did you feel Friday's earthquake? (53:03)
8a- Free Speech Friday! (53:02)
7a- New leads in the hunt for Flight 370 (53:08)
6a- Massachusetts pushing to ban sex during divorce ... (52:56)
5a- Russian milk workers caught bathing in milk (eww) (53:01)
8a- The crisis in Ca of corrupt elected officials ... (53:00)
7a- Russia is now taking Ukraine's combat dolphins ... (52:58)
6a- a man hits his girlfriend with an anger management (52:58)
5a-Northwestern football team being allowed to unionize (53:06)
8a- The greatest campaign slogan EVER! (53:02)
7a- The tiger that attacked Roy is dead ... (52:59)
6a- A judge rules against the DWP union... (53:07)
5a- The NSA says they're not spying on Jimmy Carter... (53:06)
Deadly mudslides in Washington - 8AM (52:54)
Stone Cold Reporting! - 7AM (52:49)
Jack Humphreville - 6AM (53:03)
ABC News' Kirit Radia - 5AM (52:52)
8a- Mayor Garcetti scraps the LAFD hiring process ... (52:34)
7a- why are Hawaiian police allowed to hire hookers. (52:42)
6a- world's most fertile man with 98 kids. (52:58)
5a- Ca #2! In how much we spend paying taxes! (53:03)
8a - It's Free Speech Friday! (52:35)
7a- 110 people busted in an illegal alien stash house! (52:45)
6a- whether we should protest Phelps' death ... (52:51)
5a- Bryan Suits is in for Doug! (52:58)
Attorney Humberto Guizar - 8AM (52:48)
"The Car Czar" - 7AM (52:52)
Royal Oakes - 6AM (53:00)
ABC News' Matt McGarry - 5AM (52:54)
Daniel Castro - 8AM (52:48)
Pilot Bruce Rodgers - 7AM (52:39)
Tax hike for streets and sidewalks - 6AM (53:07)
The 5-second rule is legit - 5AM (53:00)
8a- How did celebrities handle this week's earthquake? (52:38)
7a- Can pets actually detect earthquakes? (53:08)
6a- More stuff makes you miserable... (53:02)
5a- Mick Jagger's girlfriend gets a coroner... (53:04)
8a- Earthquake Coverage. (52:50)
7a- We turn the show over to you! (53:04)
6a- "Shamrock Shaker" (53:10)
5a- Crimea voting to rejoin Russia. (53:02)
8a - It's Free Speech Friday! (53:22)
7a- Finding a lizard head in her salad... (53:07)
6a- A fallen LAPD officer was laid to rest. (53:08)
5a- GOP's big win in Florida (52:58)
8a- There's more confusion over the missing plane! (53:18)
7a- world's largest Ikea will open soon in Burbank (53:06)
6a- Kobe calling out Lakers management (53:14)
5a - A new study says peeing in the pool is bad for you (52:54)
L.A. City Councilman Jose Huizar - 8AM (53:05)
Covered CA's poor customer service - 7AM (52:33)
Gina Grad joins Doug and T-Rae - 6AM (53:41)
Jonathan Karl - 5AM (52:53)
Dr. Grey Stafford - 8AM (33:03)
Malaysia Airlines - 7AM (34:17)
Obamacare's rough start - 6AM (33:26)
Steve Ganyard - 5AM (32:57)
8a- Warnings that we're in an El Niņo year (53:16)
7a- L.A. is the worst city to find a job ... (53:12)
6a- did you set your clocks BACK? (52:53)
5a- There's a Johnny Carson sex tape?! Hiyoooooooo ... (53:04)
8a- Free Speech Friday! (51:35)
7a- wind chimes are causing a court battle. (52:04)
6a- a drunk Blackjack loser is suing the casino ... (52:42)
5a- THE RAIN IS COMING!!! (53:29)
8a- L.A. is #1! In gridlock! (51:48)
7a- Massachusetts says OK to upskirt photos ... (51:44)
6a- The L.A. River may get a gigantic water wheel. (51:52)
5a- The Israeli Prime Minister's visit. (53:03)
8a-Obama Administration's approach to the Crimea crisis (51:37)
7a- Chipotle warns global warming is threatening guac! (51:20)
6a- Brian Williams makes a young kid cry! (51:48)
5a- LA decides to ban e-Cigarettes in public! (53:07)
Dr. Daniel Triesman - 8AM (51:53)
Repairs Not iPads" movement - 7AM (51:36)
Dr. Alexander Motyl - 6AM (52:00)
Rob Ford in LA - 5AM (52:50)
8a- Is Putin's invasion of Crimea "Hitlerian?" (51:39)
7a- Bitcoin's bubble bursting ... (52:29)
6a-We've officially survived the "Storm Of The Century" (51:49)
5a- The big winners and osers at this week's Oscars ... (53:02)
8a- Free Speech Friday! (51:33)
7a- NASA discovering 750 new planets in the Milky Way! (51:33)
6a- Oscar predictions! (51:33)
5a- STORM WATCH 2014 (53:01)
"Knock it off" - 8AM (51:16)
"Stand Your Ground" - 7AM (51:33)
Alex Stone reports - 6AM (51:28)
Welcome to STORM WATCH 2014!!! - 5AM (52:46)
8a- California drought is creating another gold rush! (51:18)
7a- Are there any dangers associated with e-cigarettes? (51:42)
6a- Prison "lifers" are being released at a record rate (51:29)
5a- California family finds $10 million in gold coins. (52:53)
Troop Levels Being Reduced - 8AM (51:38)
iPad Frustration - 7AM (51:53)
STORM WATCH 2014!!! - 6AM (52:01)
"Got Milk?" Not any more - 5AM (52:47)
8a- SEIU talks about taking aim hospital price gouging (51:45)
7a- RIP to the last Von Trapp ... (51:27)
6a- STORM WATCH 2014! (51:38)
5a- It's Oscar week which means Hollywood Blvd Closed! (52:59)
8a - It's Free Speech Friday! (51:39)
7a- obese women are getting an hour of exercise A YEAR (51:36)
6a- details on Jimmy Kimmel's viral Sochi wolf hoax (51:50)
5a-There's now an app for getting out of parking ticket (53:00)
8a- New York is charging $8 for "luxury toilets" (51:19)
7a- Deadly protests in Ukraine are happening ... (51:31)
6a- "Loud Music" trial has a new interesting twist (51:39)
5a- Pres. Obama is the face of fake Viagra in Pakistan. (53:00)
8a- 84-year-old found snooping around a nuclear plant. (51:39)
7a- Bradley Cooper goes "commando" to the White House. (51:40)
6a- Should jurors be given a lie detector? (51:40)
5a- Hawthorne Police took down a deaf man. (52:53)
Clowning is no longer cool - 8AM (52:13)
Gordon Chang - 7AM (51:51)
L.A. City Watchdog Jack Humphreville - 6AM (51:49)
NBC makes Bode Miller cry - 5AM (52:41)
Mike Freeman - 8AM (51:46)
Joe Tsidulko - 7AM (51:26)
David Weinstein - 6AM (51:42)
Jamzilla - 5AM (52:47)