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The Motorman12 episodes available
Taste Buds With Merrill Shindler6 episodes available
The Medical Show15 episodes available
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Podcast Title
8a- RIP to the voice of SNL Don Pardo ... (53:10)
7a- Average cost of raising a kid hits a record high (53:04)
6a- What we learned in the new autopsy of Michael Brown (53:11)
5a- San Bernardino's exploding solar birds! (52:58)
8a- fallout from handling of Michael Brown's shooting. (53:03)
7a- Colossus closes forever ... (53:07)
6a- evolution and dangers of militarizing the police... (52:56)
5a- A Wisconsin woman is accused of harassing a giraffe (53:03)
It's Free Speech Friday! - 8AM (53:08)
California State Senator Jim Nielsen - 7AM (52:50)
Protests have turned peaceful - 6AM (53:20)
California's drought has stopped getting worse! - 5AM (52:59)
8a- Millions for not being able to nap on the job ... (53:02)
7a- Polls suggests EVERYTHING SUCKS ... (53:11)
6a- LAUSD is open to Central America kids ... (53:17)
5a- Boots ARE on the ground in Iraq ... (53:00)
8a- Meet hacker cat! (53:15)
7a- ROBOT BUTLERS! ... (53:10)
6a- Clippers finally owned by a non-racist billionaire. (53:15)
5a- Grandma goes to jail for public sex at ... (52:59)
7a- Selfies can kill! (53:05)
6a- why it's time to replace LAPD Chief Charlie Beck... (52:55)
5a- Reaction to Robin Williams' tragic death ... (53:00)
8a- NSACAR's Tony Stewart killing a rival driver... (53:04)
7a- Michael Jackson: the King Of "Poop!" (53:06)
6a- Loot me in St. Louis... (52:56)
5a - Doug fights a fever for Paul McCartney ... (53:07)
8a- Free Speech Friday! (53:20)
7a- Pope says don't waste your time online! (53:11)
6a- We look at the "coolest cities" list... (53:06)
5a- Its time to bomb Iraq... again... (53:04)
8a- LAUSD is calling for an end to dropouts... (52:55)
7a- YouTube stars are bigger than Hollywood stars... (53:09)
6a- You've most likely been hacked by Russians... (53:06)
5a- monkey owns the copyright to his selfie! (53:01)
8a-L.A. gets an "F" for business friendliness! (53:13)
7a- Can a drought cause an earthquake? (52:59)
6a- Porn production is now moving out of L.A. to Ky (53:08)
5a- New water pipes are busting in L.A. ... (53:02)
8a- Shelters for illegal kids closing down... (53:11)
7a- Hollywood is still racist ... (53:08)
6a- The new bag ban has led to more shoplifting... (53:16)
5a- Where have all the voters gone? (53:06)
8a- There's a changing nature of work in America... (53:12)
7a- Dr. Daliah talks about the media's ebola hysteria (53:00)
6a- million-dollar home sales on the rise again (53:21)
5a- Typical L.A. Times handwringing over illegal aliens (52:54)
8a- Free Speech Friday! (53:02)
7a- A giraffe goes head-to-overpass! (53:13)
6a- A three-day truce in Gaza lasted just 90 seconds... (53:07)
5a- A USC dreamer from China is murdered... (53:08)
8a- A new study says a third of us are in collections . (53:22)
7a- Why Richard Alarcon's arrogance was his undoing ... (53:20)
6a- Another water main breaks in Eagle Rock ... (53:10)
5a- "Gender-open" bathrooms launch at Northwestern ... (53:09)
8a- L.A. Kings legend Luc Robataille joining KABC... (53:13)
7a- Vin Scully will return for a 66th season ... (53:08)
6a- Israel's massive offensive against Hamas... (53:01)
5a- ABC 7 gets punked by a "DWP spokesperson" (53:01)
8a- Today's kids are only reading in 140 characters... (53:16)
7a- Drunken road-raging Florida man ran over himself! (53:12)
6a- Gay marriage has boosted marriage in California... (53:16)
5a- Democrats' impeachment fixation... (53:04)
The place where ice cream doesn't melt - 8AM (53:09)
Watching your WAISTLINE - 7AM (53:10)
California's pricey teachers - 6AM (53:03)
"The Mustache" Gets a Pension - 5AM (53:03)
8a- Free Speech Friday! (53:00)
7a- 50 Shades Of "Marketing" (53:01)
5a- The "Century Crunch" (53:05)
8a- Another "botched" execution... (53:14)
7a- Black & white is the new orange! (53:09)
6a- Who authorized the FAA's Israel flight ban... (53:06)
5a- Pres. Obama stops both cars AND women in labor... (53:05)
8a- why is John Phillips obsessed with Doug's nipples?! (53:00)
7a- Pres. Obama's back in town! (53:21)
6a- There are massive fruit recalls because fruit kills (52:56)
5a- God can't drive! (53:04)
8a- Sending the National Guard to the border? (53:00)
7a- The problem of subsidizing big business. (53:14)
6a- Sterling vs. Sterling trial. (53:09)
5a- The Kings are coming to KABC (53:10)
8a- Pres. Obama talks about the situation at the crash. (53:10)
7a- Solutions to our water emergency ... (53:08)
6a- Rupert Murdoch wanting to take over Time Warner... (52:54)
5a- Swimming pools are a waste of water? (53:05)
8a- Free Speech Friday! (1:06:45)
7a- More guns=less crime in Motown! (53:09)
6a- A judge rules all L.A. parking tickets may be... (53:05)
5a- Russian response to the Malaysia plane shot down .. (53:06)
8a- another Malaysia Airlines flight that went missing? (53:01)
7a- TSA doesn't know Washington D.C. is in America! (53:00)
6a- The death penalty has been murdered in California.. (53:00)
5a- Stockton bank robbery gun battle left three dead... (53:01)
8a- Shutting down the city's first pot farmers market.. (53:05)
7a- Should there be a $15/hour minimum wage in L.A. ... (53:09)
6a- Mayor Garcetti offers L.A. to shelter illegal kids. (53:06)
5a- $500 A DAY fine if you over-water your lawn... (53:03)
Stone Cold Reporting - 8AM (52:48)
Dr. Daliah -7AM (52:59)
Bowe Bergdahl back on Duty - 6AM (53:02)
Battle for the border - 5AM (52:58)
8a- The controversial release of the "Pillowcase Rapist (53:27)
7a- A pro-Israel rally in Westwood led to violence... (53:00)
6a- Foreigners buying all our houses! (53:00)
5a- Germany's thrilling 1-0 win in the World Cup... (52:59)
8a- Free Speech Friday! (53:05)
7A- "The Pillowcase Rapist" find a home... (53:06)
6a- The latest on the tensions with Hamas ... (53:19)
5a- Rosie is back on The View! (53:02)
8a- Primetime Emmy nominees and who got snubbed ... (53:31)
7a- LAFD hiring firefighters at random! (53:16)
6a- A man in Texas slaughters his family ... (53:14)
5a- dozens have been killed in Gaza airstrikes... (53:03)
8a- showdown over the border crisis! (53:36)
7a- President Obama takes a stroll in Denver... (53:46)
6a- Germany crushing Brazil... (50:21)
5a- living underwater for a record 31 days... (53:10)
NFL's concussion settlement - 8AM (52:53)
Dr. Jay Kaplan - 7AM (52:56)
Jack Humphreville - 6AM (53:33)
Immigration crisis - 5AM (52:56)
8a- Say hello to the Caliph of Iraq! (53:17)
7a- Latest on the immigration crisis! (52:53)
6a- CHP Officer on the 10 is causing a kerfuffle... (52:52)
5a- Latest on the white shark who attacked a swimmer... (53:08)
McIntyre In The Morning 7-03-14 8AM (53:19)
McIntyre In The Morning 7-03-14 7AM (53:06)
McIntyre In The Morning 7-03-14 6AM (53:16)
McIntyre In The Morning 7-03-14 5AM (52:56)
8a- Bryan Stow beating trial goes into another day... (53:28)
7a- The Prom King OD'ed from caffeine! (53:07)
6a- A cannibal cop on the loose ... (53:19)
5a- protesters blocking busloads of illegal immigrants! (52:58)
California's $9 minimum wage - 8AM (52:53)
LAUSD's student iPads - 7AM (52:56)
Jack Humphreville - 6AM (53:33)
Executive action - 5AM (52:56)
8a- should the Benghazi suspect be tried and given due. (53:11)
7a- L.A. will hold the very first pot farmer's market.. (53:24)
6a-Are Apache helicopters and Tomahawk missiles racist? (53:21)
5a- America's youth are too fat to fight! (53:04)
8a- Free Speech Friday! (53:01)
7a- The Supreme Court says NO to abortion clinic buffer (53:08)
6a- USA winning by losing? (53:08)
5a- A new study says drinking = death... (52:58)
8a- Hollywood losing new TV productions to NYC ... (53:21)
7a- "Clinton: The Musical" (53:12)
6a- LAUSD budget hits $7.27 BILLION! (53:13)
5a- A new study says watching TV will cause you to die! (53:04)
8a- Good Manners For Nice People Who Sometimes Say F## (53:31)
7a- Surprising primary results around the country! (53:29)
6a- Man walks into McDonalds with a knife in his back! (53:31)
5a- John Kerry's calls for unity to fight ISIS. (53:06)
Stone Cold Reporting! - 8AM (53:35)
The "death train" to America - 7AM (53:08)
ZERO savings - 6AM (53:15)
Goooal! - 5AM (52:50)
8a- Iraq is a no-win situation AGAIN ... (53:14)
7a- Get ready to pay more for Starbucks! (53:19)
6a- Why there is a plunge in first-time home buyers... (53:13)
5a- 5a - Turns out Americans do watch soccer ... (53:01)
Doug McIntyre 6-20-14 8AM (53:08)
Doug McIntyre 6-20-14 7AM (53:27)
Doug McIntyre 6-20-14 6AM (53:13)
Doug McIntyre 6-20-14 5AM (53:09)
8a- Doug Brauner talks about whether GM covered up... (53:21)
7a- Lois Lerner's e-mails are gone forever? (53:27)
6a- RIP to jazz great Horace Silver... (53:18)
5a- the more you pay a CEO the worse you do! (53:04)
8a- why it took so long to make the Benghazi arrest... (53:27)
7a- how chewing tobacco killed Tony Gwynn. (53:25)
6a-America's new soccer hero has never lived in America (53:22)
5a- The IRS loses more e-mails... (52:55)
Stone Cold Reporting! - 8AM (53:24)
USA! USA! - 7AM (53:34)
Iraq the sequel - 6AM (53:19)
NYC's Mayor "sings" - 5AM (52:57)
LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy - 8AM (53:35)
California's budget balloons! - 7AM (53:41)
Oil prices shooting up - 6AM (53:01)
Father's Day at Home Depot - 5AM (52:57)
McIntyre in the Morning - 6-13-14 8AM (51:57)
McIntyre in the Morning - 6-13-14 7AM (53:30)
McIntyre in the Morning - 6-13-14 6AM (53:35)
McIntyre in the Morning - 6-13-14 5AM (53:07)
8a- Phillip Lao talks about his mayor flinging poop... (53:44)
7a- Insurgents are taking over Iraq... (53:27)
6a- O.J.'s 20th "stabby-versary"... (53:31)
5a- Crystal Metheney arrested! (52:56)
8a- RIP to former Dodger pitcher Bob Welch... (53:18)
7a- The ruling to trash teacher tenure in California .. (53:29)
6a- L.A. is no longer a "staycastion" destination... (53:29)
5a- Giving new meaning to "blowhole!" (52:59)
McIntyre in the Morning - 8AM (52:59)
McIntyre in the Morning - 7AM (53:10)
McIntyre in the Morning - 6AM (53:11)
McIntyre in the Morning - 5AM (52:56)
Doug McIntyre 6-9-14 8AM (53:08)
Doug McIntyre 6-9-14 7AM (53:30)
Doug McIntyre 6-9-14 6AM (53:21)
Doug McIntyre 6-9-14 5AM (53:03)
8a- Free Speech Friday! (53:09)
7a- the donut war in Socal is about to heat up! (53:17)
6a- study suggesting your smartphone is making you fat (53:31)
5a- WWII vet Frank Luksa tells us his story... (53:04)
7a- Fort Hood's prostitution ring! (53:16)
6a- Obama's uninspiring "workout" was caught on tape! (53:36)
5a- Kings' dramatic comeback win in OT! (53:03)
8a- Yes, there was an election in case you didn't know! (52:55)
7a- Pope Francis tells couples to have kids not cats! (53:17)
6a- Why Americans are suckers for conspiracy theories.. (53:15)
5a- Results from Tuesday's primary election! (53:01)
Stone Cold Reporting! - 8AM (53:14)
Bergdahl deserter controversy - 7AM (53:08)
Jack Humphreville - 6AM (53:16)
Garcetti's 15 (52:58)
8a- RIP Alice from the Brady Bunch (53:39)
7a- Clippers' deal skyrocketed to $2 billion (53:09)
6a - An American captive was released (yay!) (53:28)
5a- The O.C. is slowly changing from red to blue (53:00)
8a- Free Speech Friday! (53:41)
7a- VA in Texas is run like a crime syndicate ... (53:44)
6a- Mayor Garcetti wants to spend crazy $$$ to fix... (53:29)
5a- The Clippers are sold for $2 BILLION?!?! (53:07)
8a- Flight 375 update. (53:13)
7a- The latest in the Clippers drama (53:30)
6a- Brad Pitt was attacked! (53:33)
5a- How we can prevent mass killings ... (53:02)
8a- Catching street crews slacking on the job... (53:18)
7a- Latest example of why graduates aren't getting jobs (53:29)
6a- RIP to renowned poet Maya Angelou... (53:24)
5a- A hip-eating hipster! (53:06)
Dr. Kent Kieh - 8AM (53:21)
Dr. Daliah - 7AM (53:28)
Dr. John Lott - 6AM (53:28)
Screams for gun control - 5AM (52:59)
8a- Free Speech Friday! (53:26)
7a- O.C. is suing drug makers over causing painkiller.. (53:36)
6a- 405 car pool lanes open to little fanfare ... (53:36)
5a- Mark Cuban is in trouble for doing nothing wrong... (52:59)
8a- Chinese pet treats killing our doggies! (53:24)
7a- John Phillips talks about GOP candidates for Gov! (53:38)
6a- Dems are calling out the Pres! (53:31)
5a- Snobby store clerks make you spend more $$$ (53:09)
8a- Pres Obama talks about taking action against the VA (1:01:01)
7a- SF income inequality is on par with Rwanda ... (47:40)
6a- Shaking hands is as deadly as smoking... (53:23)
5a- Petco says no to deadly Chinese dog treats... (52:58)
AT&T and DirecTV - 8AM (53:00)
9/11 Museum's gift shop - 7AM (53:03)
Jack Humphreville - 6AM (52:57)
ABC News' Trey Hardin - 5AM (53:00)
8a- Are Americans too fat to fight in the military? (52:55)
7a- Michael Jackson makes an appearance... (53:10)
6a- A man sues everybody on Earth... (53:03)
5a- GM settles for $35 mil for keeping quiet on defects (53:04)
8a- Free Speech Friday! (53:17)
7a- Net Neutrality taking another body blow! (53:17)
6a- The continuing wildfires ... (52:46)
5a- Clippers are out, and Donald Sterling says... (53:06)
8a- Game 7 between the Kings and Ducks! (53:27)
7a- Casey Kasem has been found! (53:03)
6a- The number of elderly will double by 2050... (53:02)
5a- An oil spill gushing down the streets of Atwater... (53:08)
8a- Russia wants to ban the U.S. from the space station (48:23)
7a- Karl Rove suggests Hillary Clinton has brain damage (53:04)
6a- L.A.'s $39 billion time bomb ... (53:22)
5a- Magic Johnson responds as the Sterling circus cont. (53:06)
Stone Cold Reporting! - 8AM (52:44)
The Sterling Circus continues - 7AM (52:55)
The Sterling Circus - 6AM (53:31)
Columbus' lost ship - 5AM (52:52)
8a- Michael Sam's kiss seen around the world! (53:08)
7a- California's court system falling apart? (53:19)
6a- home buyers bring cash to the table with them! (53:08)
5a- Shooting leaves chaos at Universal CityWalk! (53:04)
8a - It's Free Speech Friday! (53:04)
7a- We owe $340 BILLION in pensions and liabilities... (57:29)
6a- Russia is planning to colonize OUR MOON! (53:22)
5a- A trio of murder stories you won't believe ... (53:01)