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The Capitalist Pigs119 episodes available
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Live from Jasper's Kitchen117 episodes available
KCMO Home Show With Tom Bamford117 episodes available
Maximize Your Health with Dr. Axe28 episodes available
Religion on the Line 220 episodes available
Dollars & Homes with Bruce Brown111 episodes available
Kris Kobach207 episodes available
Gard'n Wise118 episodes available
Rogue Trader Show101 episodes available
Senior Care LIVE100 episodes available
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Podcast Title
Carson on Confederate Flag Tattoos (41:29)
Carson on KS Dresscode (35:39)
Carson on Drinking in the MO Capitol (41:42)
Carson on Football, Seat Belts, and Danny DeVito (37:03)
Carson with the Friend Dog Guys (38:49)
Carson on AARP and Trump as a Conservative (34:48)
Carson on Mission Gateway (36:29)
Carson on HGTV and Oscar Voting (34:55)
Carson on Restaurant Roadkill (38:05)
Carson on PTSD and Domestic Violence (35:39)
Carson on KC Crime and Uber (36:45)
Carson on Palin and Death Proof Cars (34:27)
Carson on Bernie Sanders (38:38)
Carson on the Worth of a Dog (35:25)
Carson on KCI and Sarah Palin (36:03)
Carson on Bad KC Weather and Oscar Bans (39:51)
Carson on Lower BAC (35:28)
Carson on Warming Up Cars (36:28)
Carson on Glenn Frey and Donald Trump (34:27)
Carson on the Tomahawk Chop (37:49)
Carson on the MO Gas Tax (38:48)
Carson on the Chiefs Loss and Sean Penn (34:26)
Carson on the Chiefs and Debate (36:38)
Carson on the Sixth GOP Debate (36:09)
Carson on Brownback Hatred (34:41)
Carson on Preschool Discipline (35:03)
Carson on the Tomahawk Chop (37:44)
Carson on the State of the Union Address (35:15)
Carson on Isolation Rooms and the N-Word (35:24)
Carson on the Powerball and Hillary Clinton (35:45)
Carson on the Chiefs Playoff Win (36:47)
Carson on Gay Pastors (39:20)
Carson on David Bowie and the Golden Globes (35:44)
Carson on Hillary Emails and the Stock Market (36:19)
Carson on House Numbers and Chiefs Montages (37:09)
Carson on Powerball and Sex With Lobbyists (34:15)
Carson on Being Hard Wired At Birth (38:37)
More on Obamas Gun Orders (34:29)
Carson on Obama's Gun Orders (36:00)
Carson on KUs Win and Trumps New Ad (35:52)
Carson on the Chiefs Win on Oregon Standoff (40:50)
Carson on Uber Surge Prices (35:15)
Carson on the Holiday Break (36:59)
Carson Year End Review Part 4 (38:21)
Carson Year End Review Part 3 (35:34)
Carson Year End Review Part 2 (34:52)
Carson Year End Review Part 1 (33:01)
Carson on Men and Women Brains (38:31)
Carson on Trump's Schlong Comment (34:43)
Carson on the Chiefs Win and Apple Products (35:29)
Carson on Star Wars and MO Terrorism (36:01)
CARSON IN THE MORNING PARODY: Please don't be mad (1:37)
Carson with MWMSU Pres John Jazinsky (42:11)
Carson with Mitch Holthus and Joe Robertson (34:33)
Carson with KCTV5's Rob Finnerty (35:28)
Carson on Figure Skating and Suicide Problems (34:52)
Carson on Female Suicide Bombers (33:20)
Carson on His Daughter and Christmas (37:21)
Carson with Jack Hunter and Dan Bongino (33:58)
Carson on Star Wars, Drones, and Black Violence (36:54)
Carson on Hoverboards and Christmas Songs (38:47)
Carson on the Chiefs Win and KS Taxes (35:53)
Carson on Anti Gun Violence Rallies (34:55)
Carson on Trump vs Cruz (33:06)
Carson on Active Shooter Training (47:00)
Carson on an Abducted Daughter (35:00)
Carson on Free College in MO (36:41)
Carson on Christmas Lights and Gas Chambers (34:49)
Carson on Police Body Cams in MO (36:08)
Carson on MO Gun Laws (35:30)
Carson on C&C and Fox News Gets Naughty (36:00)
Carson on the KC Muslim Reaction to Trump (31:04)
Carson on Trump's Muslim Controversy (34:16)
Carson on Joe Walsh and ISIS Strategy (43:11)
Carson on the Chiefs Win and Road Rage (36:37)
Carson Home Schooling Oversight (38:29)
Carson on Trump Supporters and Obamas Address (37:06)
Carson on Top Chef and Liberal Baby Leave (38:54)
Carson on KS Sperm Donor (35:20)
Carson on Muslim Backlash and Shooter Drills (36:16)
Carson on Scott Weiland Hillary Clinton and Gun Control (37:15)
Carson with Chef Renee Kelly from Top Chef (35:44)
More on the San Bernardino Shooting (37:49)
Carson on the San Bernardino Shooting (35:36)
Carson on Trump Ratings and Hillary Ad (37:06)
Carson on Kids in Cars and Garmin in Olathe (38:02)
Carson on Charlie Brown, and Swegway Dangers (37:58)
Carson on Kids and Non-Christmas Christmas Movies (41:19)
Carson on Climate Change and Snow Days (35:53)
Carson on College Bowls and A Christmas Carol (37:55)
Carson on Ted Cruz, Dear Hunting, and Dirty Dancing (37:18)
Carson on Jeb Dissing Trump (41:53)
Carson on Shopping, the Chiefs, and Swegways (37:12)
Carson on the Planned Parenthood Shooting (38:35)
Carson with Singer Dontarius Jamal Young (38:13)
Carson on ISIS Containment and Card Fraud (36:27)
Carson on Registering Refugees (33:30)
Carson on Topless Missouri Protests (37:42)
Carson on Refugees in MO and College in KS (35:39)
Carson on Brookside's Crime Spike (38:15)
Carson on Gay Adoptions (35:24)
Carson on Paying for Santa and Raising the Smoking Age (34:51)
Carson on Refugees and Charlie Sheen Redux (33:47)
Carson on ISIS Containment and Charlie Sheen (38:17)
Carson on Barbie and Shooting Animals (34:59)
Carson on Syrian Refugees (35:14)
Carson on the Eagles of Death Metal and Obama at G20 (32:49)
Carson on the Paris Attacks (40:13)
Carson on the Dem Debate and Moments of Silence (36:01)
Carson with Ellen and Brad from KCTV5 (37:41)
Carson with Mitch Holthus and KVC Adoptions (35:20)
Carson on the MU Interim President (35:53)
Carson on White Out, Genetics, and Donald Trump (34:14)
Carson on Success Without College and No Tipping (36:16)
Carson on Cutting Funding to Mizzou (34:19)
Carson on "Bad" Weather, Starbucks and a Poop Swastika (34:02)
Carson on Military Intervention and Vet Day Deals (37:52)
Carson on MU Censorship (34:59)
Carson with Mark Meckler on the GOP Debate (35:40)
Carson on Melissa Click and Revenge Porn (33:37)
Carson with Gary Amble and Scott Faughn (38:13)
Carson on Sea World, and Military Sexual Assault (34:13)
Carson on the MU List of Demands and Starbucks (34:32)
Carson on the MU/BYU Football Game and Lorena Bobbitt (34:23)
Carson on Racism and the MU President (42:11)
Carson on Broken KC Schools and Ben Carson Controversy (39:19)
Carson on Sexual Assault in the Military (38:40)
Carson on Pot and Gay Marriage (38:02)
Carson on a Terrible Crime and a Campaign Rap (37:37)
Carson on Identity Disorders and Zero Tolerance (36:53)
Carson on Kate's Law and Intern Hotline (35:20)
Carson on Free Breakfast at Taco Bell (37:25)
Carson on Royals Teams and a Mysterious Killer (35:36)
Carson on the Parade and his Daugther Saying the C Word (34:09)
Carson on the Parade, Maty Mauk and Fellons Owning Guns (36:13)
Carson on the Royals Parade (33:47)
More on the Royals World Series Win (34:04)
Carson on the Royals World Series Win (34:35)
Carson with Mitch Holthus and Chris Stigall (35:04)
Carson on the Best Places to Trick or Treat in KC (40:24)
Carson on Stand Out Debate Moments (34:12)
Carson on School Punishment (36:51)
Carson on Media Bias During the GOP Debate (33:22)
Carson on the Royals and Hard Workers (38:46)
Carson on Police Brutality and Millennial Woes (34:29)
Carson on the Cause of Death of the KC Firefighters (34:57)
Carson on the Royals Win and Jared's Stolen Jeep (34:28)
Carson on Tonight's Game and Ben Carson Leading Trump (39:36)
Carson on Football Player Deaths (36:45)
Carson on His Presidential Bid and Food Insecurities (39:02)
Carson on Hot Dogs, Trump and Black Face (34:30)
Carson on Federal Funding for College (37:30)
Carson on World Series Bets and Benghazi (36:30)
Carson on the Royals and a Fat Tax (36:38)
Carson on Benghazi and Autism (38:01)
Carson on WiFi in the K and Nuclear Waste in MO (35:20)
Carson on Changes in Tech and KC Crime Rate (34:09)
Carson on the Royals & Back Ground Checks for Ammo (39:33)
Carson on Back to the Future Day (34:04)
Carson with Dr Ben Carson (37:14)
Carson on KS Taxes & the New Star Wars Trailer (38:39)
Carson on the Chiefs Name Chage (34:19)
Carson on College for Illegal Immigrants (41:40)
Carson on X-Rated Audio and Lucky Charms (40:47)
Carson on the Royals Victory and Reward Money (39:21)
Carson on the Dem Debate and Office Firing (36:37)
Carson on the Dem Debate and Lamar Odom (36:51)
Carson on Playboy and Halloween Decorations (37:41)
Carson on White Democrats and Trump Sabotage (35:49)
Carson on the Chiefs Loss and Victim Mentality (35:54)
Carson on Free Speech and Gun Control (36:12)
Carson on the Royals Loss & Crying Kids in Restaurants (39:03)
Carson with Mitch Holthus and Jim Bohannon (36:35)
Carson on Speech Censorship and the MU Chancellor (38:34)
Carson on the Royals Loss and Offensive Band Names (35:26)
Carson on Gun Control and Drone Rights (38:44)
Carson on Hillary's Likability and Biden's Money (33:24)
Carson on Milk and C&C Permits (35:22)
Carson on the Royals, DraftKings and Toothless Pregnacy (35:36)
Carson on Dr Ben Carsons Controversial Statements (37:23)
Carson on Whole Milk and Eminent Domain (35:19)
Carson on Plaza Apartments and MO Job Benefits (35:30)
Carson on End of Life Care & Obama Politicizing Tragedy (34:41)
Carson on School Shootings and Assisted Suicide (38:22)
Carson on Mizzou QBs and Real Gun Crime Stats (37:57)
Carson on Gun Free Zones (35:15)
Carson on the Royals, Chiefs and Hillary on SNL (38:12)
Carson on Wedding Bills and Mark Alford from Fox4 (37:05)
Carson on the Plaza For Sale and Minor Sex Offender (37:12)
Carson on Fiorina's Syrian Plan and Baby Chiropractors (35:20)
Carson on Cable Interview, NFL Travel and Trump's Plan (34:54)
Carson on Bad Bond Themes and Cheap Gas in KC (33:47)
Carson on Lawsuits and the Best Bond Themes (34:03)
Carson on Trump's Tax Plan and Chiefs Loss (38:42)
Carson on the Chiefs, Daily Show, and Trump's Tax Plan (34:07)
Carson on Pope Francis' Album and Free Parking for Vets (38:37)
Carson on the Blood Moon and an Attack on the Plaza (35:46)
Carson on a Controversial Receipt and John Boehner (33:50)
Carson on the Pope's Address to Congress (36:01)
Carson on the Royals Making the Playoffs (34:04)
Carson on a Trans Lingerie Shop and Donald Trump (33:58)
Carson on The Pope's U.S. Visit (33:45)
Carson on Jay Nixon, Pope Francis and Vampire Facials (34:29)
Carson on Scott Walker Stepping Down (35:31)
Carson on the Royals and Carly Fiorina (33:44)
Carson on Ben Carson's Muslim Comments (37:02)
Carson with Jim Bohannon and Greg Knapp (37:55)
Carson on the Boy Arrested for a "Hoax Bomb" (35:24)
More on the GOP Debate (37:04)
Carson on Last Night's Debate (34:31)
Carson on the Cave Mom and Fantasy Football (34:15)
Carson on Trump and Tonight's Debate (35:33)
Carson on Hillary, Bernie and Scams (38:34)
Carson on Muslim Bullying (34:00)
Carson on School Lunches and Campaign Funds (36:55)
Carson on Shriners and Donald Trump (37:02)
Carson on a Porn Tax and a KC Terror Plot (33:04)
Carson on Biden, Cherokee Art, and E-Cigs (34:43)
Carson on Football, 9/11 and Christmas Stamps (33:37)
Carson with Jay Leno (11:26)
Carson on Kim Davis (36:10)
Carson on Stephen Colbert's First Show (35:05)
Carson with Courtenay Dehoff (20:39)
Carson on Kermit, Robert Redford and Donald Trump (41:09)
Carson on Class Rings and Banning Soda (33:34)
Carson on MO Pot and Cigarette Tax (40:43)
Carson on #BlackLivesMatter (42:09)
Carson on MO Trans Teen (40:04)
Carson on Denying Marriage Licenses (38:15)
Carson on a Food (Truck) Fight in North KC (39:20)
Carson on Hulk Hogan Racist Remarks (36:10)
Carson on Ashley Madison Lies and a Kid Impaled (43:17)
Carson on the Virginia Shooting and Gun Control (34:48)
Carson on Legos and KC Transphobia (35:31)
Carson on Guns at School and a Sex Offender Playground (36:27)
Carson on Baby Names, His Settlement, and New Costumes (36:24)
Carson on Crappy First Jobs (39:13)
Carson on Laughing While Black and Jesus' Wife (36:37)
Carson on Cowbells, Peyton Manning and Teacher Abuse (35:30)
Carson on MO Unemployment and a Trans Prom Queen (38:32)
Carson on Racist Park Hill Students and Rick Santorum (38:21)
Carson on Road Trips and Jimmy Carter (35:40)
Carson on E-Cig Bans (38:38)
Carson on Overland Park Development (33:18)
Carson on 12-Year-Old Truck Driver (32:59)
Carson on Jared Fogel and Deez Nutz (36:44)
Carson on Parole for a Pot Prisoner (38:39)
Carson on MO Cigarette Taxes and Jeff City Dress Code (32:02)
Carson on Ashley Madison and MO Red Light Cams (34:08)
Carson on Cell Phone Contracts and Birth By Cop (33:59)
Carson on Bill and Hillary's Anniversary (39:07)
Carson on Sexist Soroity Video and Papa John's Camaro (34:17)
Carson on Trump's Immigration Plan and KC Trans Murder (36:30)
Carson on Pumpkin Flavoring and the New Colonel Sanders (36:11)
Carson on Trumps Love For Princess Di (34:33)
Carson on Participation Trophies and MO Lotto (39:15)
Carson on Home Woes and The Frazier Glenn Miller Trail (39:09)
Carson on Gun Free Schools and US/Cuban Relations (42:48)
Carson on Target Going Gender Neutral (39:45)
Carson on JoCo Tax Hike and KC Happiness (36:20)
Carson on Legal Pot in Ohio and Ballot Selfies (37:29)
CARSON IN THE MORNING PARODY: Hillary's Blues (1:27)
Carson on Mark Cuban's GOP Comments (41:13)
Carson on Hillary's Colapse and Jessie's Girl Explained (39:42)
Carson on KS Schools and Invasive Questions (38:30)
Carson on Jefferson Starship, Old Dixie and Band-Aids (38:55)
CARSON IN THE MORNING PARODY: Riot Side of the Street (1:40)
Carson on KC Street Car Troubles and Ferguson Update (40:12)
Carson on Purple Playhouse Controversy (38:34)
Carson on Things That Are Dying Out (35:16)
Carson on Pot Prisoners and Berenstain Bears Conspiracy (39:22)
Carson on Trumps High Poll Numbers (35:42)
Carson on the Donald Trump / Megyn Kelly Controversy (43:30)
Carson on Jared's Poison Ivy and Top Golf Noise (37:38)
Carson on MO Tax Free Weekend and More GOP Debate Audio (35:13)
Carson with Mark Levin (36:57)
Carson on Jon Stewarts Last Show & Christi/Paul's Fight (35:04)
Carson on Carly Fiorina & Trump's Insults Toward Women (37:36)
CARSON IN THE MORNING PARODY: Brownback and Nixon (1:31)
CARSON IN THE MORNING PARODY: Trump's Combacks (1:24)
Carson on Trump's Chances (35:46)
Carson on Uber and the TN Theater Shooting (35:11)
Carson on Blue Bell Ice Cream and Hillary's Drawl (36:05)
Carson on Bee Jays, Royals Tickets and Arby's (37:13)
Carson on Netflix's Maternity Policy & BIG News (33:24)
Carson on a Dog Rescue and Planned Parenthood (32:51)
Carson on a Woman Held Captive in Lenexa (33:53)
Carson on a Church Robbery & Chinese Stealing Our Songs (37:14)
Carson on Hillary's New Ad (34:37)
Carson on Busing Kids and Six Sexes (36:02)
Carson on Rhino Hunting and Deffenbaugh Recycling (34:35)
Carson on Amy Schumer and Pot Bellied Pigs (36:51)
Carson on Cosmo Magazine and Traveling to Mars (37:44)
Carson on Money in Politics and Animal Psychics (40:08)
CARSON IN THE MORNING PARODY: Cecil the Lion Sings (1:17)
Carson on the KC Minimum Wage and Chiefs Training Camp (39:29)
Carson on Tailgates, Windows 10 and Big Game Hunting (43:23)
Carson on Suckling on the Government's Teat (40:17)
Carson on Mission: Impossible and a Facebook Dilemma (34:46)
Carson on the Cincy Shooting & an Update on Eric Berry (39:45)
Carson on Living with Parents and the Pine Tar Incident (42:56)
Carson on Banned Words and Jon Stewart (40:52)
Carson on Missouri Racial Restaurant Controversy (42:36)
Carson on the Hunter Who Killed a Lion (38:09)
Carson on Paul LeVota Firing His Chief of Staff (40:51)
Carson on Bugs, Eric Berry, and Deflate-Gate (40:49)
Carson on Self Driving Semis & Mike Huckabee's Remarks (41:16)
Carson on Female Coaches, H2O, and KC's Olympic Chances (42:52)
CARSON IN THE MORNING PARODY: Trump "Hard to be Humble" (1:21)
Carson on the End of the 8-Hour Workday (43:13)
Carson on Paul Levota's Resignation (38:10)
Carson on Legal Prostitution and a BBQ Crackdown (42:24)
Carson on Johnny Cueto, Tiny Houses and KC Population (41:26)
Carson on the La. Shooting, Van Halen & KC Fringe Fest (38:48)
Carson with Army Vet Shawn Culbertson (33:22)
Carson on Bunnies from Hell and Teens Having Less Sex (36:51)
Carson on School Signup and Mike Moustakas' Dog (20:20)
Carson on Sandra Bland and Military Uniforms (37:10)
Carson on Trump Giving Out Lindsey Graham's Number (39:18)
Carson on Vets Patroling an Olathe Recruiting Station (36:55)
Carson on a Messy Yard in Overland Park (35:01)
Carson on Farmer's Witching and Ashley Madison (39:09)
Carson on Kids in Hot Cars and Hillarys Latest Lie (37:33)
Carson on Prospect Bushes and Trump Dissing McCain (35:16)
Carson on Transexual Threats and Missouri Puppy Mills (36:00)
Carson on People Who Can't Pronounce Olathe (39:07)
Carson on Unfair Work Schedules (38:52)
Carson on the Chattanooga Shooting and KC Minimum Wage (39:45)
Carson on Open Houses, Mountain Lions and I-35 Shooting (38:51)
Carson on Caitlyn Jenner and KC Trans Gym (37:12)
Carson on Obama, the KCK Mayor and Princess Leia (37:31)
Carson on the ESPY Awards (38:14)
Carson on Obama's Iran Nuke Deal and Planned Parenthood (35:43)
Carson on a Giant Carp in Olathe (34:50)
Carson on the All Star Game and Nets in Baseball (36:24)
Carson on Pluto Pictures and Stealing Office Supplies (0:59)
Carson on Transgenders in the Military and Scott Walker (35:02)
Carson on Gay Voice and Boy Scouts (37:12)
Carson on the Home Run Derby, Chiefs Fans and El Chapo (40:06)
Carson with Sarah Robinson (38:30)
Carson with Officer Mark Engravalle (39:40)
Carson with Comedian Pablo Francisco (39:31)
Carson on Schools Teaching Shooting (41:12)
Carson on Donald Trump Leading the Polls (42:38)
Carson on Cosby's Walk of Fame Star and New Movies (40:49)
Carson on Hot Teachers Seducing Student (36:50)
Carson on Kansas Statehouse Allowing Guns (39:05)
Carson on Removing Confederate Flags from Cemeteries (37:54)
Carson on Keith Olberman Fired and Tom Selleck Stealing (39:25)
Carson on Hillary's Interview and Paula Deen (37:18)
Carson on Donald Trump: Right or Racist? (34:17)
Carson on Astrology and Hillary's First Interview (42:02)
Carson on Jared from Subway (42:26)
Carson on Bill Cosby and Lindsey Graham (35:35)
Carson on Crime in Overland Park (40:03)
Carson on Michael Eisner's "Outrageous" Comments (41:20)
Carson on Man Eaten by Alligator and Eating Pet Pigs (42:12)
Carson on Mancrimmination and Taxing Drivers (38:06)
Carson on Pot Bellied Pigs and KC Minimum Wage (37:03)
Carson on Bubba Watson's General Lee (41:27)
Carson on Embarrassing Ways To Be Reunited (37:33)
Carson on Fireworks, KS Cig Taxes and Gay Wedding Booms (42:33)
Carson on Gladstone Squirrels and Davey Crocket (41:04)
Carson on NFL Cheerleaders and Clueless Americans (46:49)
Fill-In Host Mike Ferguson on Gay Weddings (36:13)
Fill-In Host Mike Ferguson on the Confederate Flag (37:59)
Carson on Fair Pay for Salaried Workers (38:23)
Carson on OP Crime, Chelsea Clinton and Ted Cruz (37:14)
Fill-In Host Mike Ferguson on Voter ID (34:49)
Fill-In Host Mike Ferguson on Disrupting Church (38:11)
Fill-In Host Mike Ferguson on Micro-Aggressions (41:18)
Fill-In Host Mike Ferguson on Gay Marriage (36:13)
Fill-In Host Mike Ferguson on Top Gun and Bristol Palin (38:46)
Carson on the Meet the Press Controversy and Gov Misuse (38:00)
Carson on Obama's "N-Word" and Brookside's Beach House (37:36)
Carson on Eating Dogs and the Confederate Flag (39:35)
Carson on Cereal and Pot in CO (43:18)
Carson on the Confederate Flag and Brian Williams (36:44)
Carson on Plaza Violence and the KS Death Penalty (35:56)
Carson on the SC Gunman and the Ted Cruz Controversy (39:04)
Carson on Fathers Day and Meathead Talks BBQ (39:07)
Carson on the Aftermath of the Charleston Shooting (34:48)
Carson on the Charleston Church Shooting (34:49)
Carson on Rachel Dolezal's Secret to Being Black (38:01)
Carson on a Royals Milestone and the New 10 Dollar Bill (42:19)
Carson on Donald Trump and Rachel Dolezal (36:39)
Carson on Hot Dogs to the Eye and KS Taxes (35:14)
Carson on the Cardinals, Donald Trump & Deadly Animals (39:11)
Carson on Offensive Bumper Sticker and Rachel Dolezal (37:42)
Carson on KS Sales Tax's Impact on Middle Class (36:54)
PARODY: Rachel Dolezal (Wanted To Be Black) (2:01)
Carson on Women's Weight and The Best TV Dad (36:48)
Carson on Robot Sex Dolls, Shark Attacksm and Jeb Bush (41:47)
More on Rachel Dolezal (36:50)
Carson on Transgenders on Campus and Rachel Dolezal (35:06)
Carson on Dallas Police Shooter and DUI Checkpoints (40:31)
CARSON IN THE MORNING PARODY: Al Sharpton Black & White (1:30)
Carson on Electric Cars, Dave Grohl and Hillary Clinton (40:53)
Carson on Offensive Comedy and Marco Rubio Idiocy (38:18)
Carson on Pay Day Loans and the KS Budget Passes House (37:44)
Carson on Crystal Pepsi, Lemonade and Annoying Words (37:05)
Carson on LinkedIn, Suicide and Jurassic World (38:52)
Carson on All Year School and KS Budget Update (35:31)
Carson on Pizza Hut and Obama's Secret Trade Deal (37:18)
Carson on Pool Party Incident and Raptor Sounds (35:11)
Carson on Halfway Houses and Olathe Cicadas (36:10)
Carson on Flaming Trucks, Andrew Zimmern and Pre-K (36:08)
More on Texas Pool Party and Young People Not Coupling (37:00)
Carson on KS Budget and the Texas Pool Party (33:35)
Carson on White Guy Rage and a KS Pregnant Woman Found (38:38)
Carson on Escaped Convicts and the KS Budget (36:16)
Carson on Flashers (32:13)
Carson on Baseball and Stripping in College (38:43)
Carson on Wyandotte Diversity and Right to Work (37:20)
Carson on Killing Animals and Why He Doesnt Like Cats (42:18)
Carson on Caitlyn Jenner's Makeup (38:33)
Carson on Guns at Airports and KC's E Tax (39:16)
Carson on Feeding Hungry Kids (41:27)
Carson on Bruce Jenner Blowback and Rolling Stones Info (39:02)
Carson on Jewish Obama and Taxpayer Jeeps (42:15)
Carson on Sleeping Naked and Wendy Wiilliams (37:36)
CARSON IN THE MORNING PARODY: Bruce Jenner is a Lady (1:20)
Carson on Black Drivers Pulled Over in MO (42:57)
Carson on Bruce Jenner and Republican Ideas (37:53)
Carson on Liberal Society and Lindsey Graham (39:20)
Carson on Bruce Jenner and Tracy Morgan (42:22)
Carson on NSA Data Collection (42:02)
More on the Pregnant Woman Arrested and Dennis Hastert (35:16)
Carson on the Spelling Bee and a Pregnant Arrest (36:09)
Carson on a Horse DWI and KC Keeping the Big 12 (35:08)
CARSON IN THE MORNING PARODY: Bill Clinton 'Delete It' (1:28)
Carson on Breast Feeding Selfies and DL Checkpoints (34:48)
Carson on the Death Penalty and Cops Using Tasers (34:53)
Carson on Giant MO Fish, ISIS Perks and KC Earnings Tax (35:05)
Carson on a Marine Court Martialed Over a Bible Verse (36:03)
Carson on Universal Pre-K and Guns on College Campuses (35:00)
Carson on Cicadas and Reserved Parking (39:30)
Carson on Electric Cars and School Segregation (34:38)
Carson on Military Tributes and the Confederate Flag (37:07)
CARSON IN THE MORNING PARODY: Letterman's Last Show (1:32)
Carson with Barbecue Expert, Johnny Fugitt (9:49)
Carson on the War on Boys and Obama's Climate Change (36:18)
Carson on Women's Rights and Giving Up On Work (35:59)
Carson on Letterman's Finale and Memorial Day Travel (36:52)
Carson on Not Working and College Grads Without Jobs (35:41)
Carson on (33:42)
Carson on Hillary Coming to MO and Lettermans Last Show (37:13)
Carson on Brownback's Email Controversy (37:02)
Carson on GOP Candidates That Dems Fear (34:06)
Carson on a Naked Arrest and Stolen Bags (37:07)
Carson on Graduation Dress Codes, Mad Men and Mad Max (36:52)
Carson on KS and Uber Reunited and Weekend Preview (36:07)
Carson on His Adoption Journey and Illegals Serving (35:10)
Carson on John Diehl Resignation and Poor Parenting (37:01)
Carson on Deflate-gate, the Simpsons, and Pre-School (39:29)
Carson on John Diehl's Sexting Scandal (36:57)
Carson with Derrick Johnson (32:40)
Carson on RayPec Teacher and Leaving Dogs in Cars (38:02)
Carson on Hole in the Wall BBQ Joints (31:38)
Carson on George Zimmerman and Male Lingerie (36:14)
Carson on Military Recruitment During NFL Games (37:47)
Carson on Facebook Leading to Divorce (36:57)
Carson on Religion and Women Pay Gap (33:01)
Carson on Legal KS Marijuana (36:43)
Carson on New KC Hotel and Catholic Church Legal Fees (32:09)
Carson on Lenexa Drug House and ISIS Gunman (36:16)
Carson on SpongeBob, Dogs and the KS Economy (34:49)
Carson on Freemason Police and Teachers with Guns (37:26)
Carson on Presidential Retreads (35:25)
Carson on Verbal Ticks and KS Gas Tax (36:31)
Carson on Uber and Hillary Clinton (34:00)
Carson on Handcuffing a Kid and Huckabee for President (36:05)
Carson on the Price is Right and Stealing Babies (36:55)
Carson on KS Cigarette Tax and Sprint CEO (39:24)
Carson on Pamela Geller and KC Connection to TX Terror (35:16)
Carson on New Sleep Method and Ben Carson for President (38:03)
Carson on the Fight and the Shooting in TX (42:20)
CARSON IN THE MORNING PARODY: Al Sharpton You Got It (1:45)
CARSON IN THE MORNING PARODY: Hillary's Witchcraft (1:36)
Carson on 80s Arcade Games Coming Back (37:15)
Carson on MO Gas Tax and Looking Old (36:42)
Carson on the Baltimore Mom (39:56)
Carson on Weddings, the Chiefs Draft and Geraldo (42:26)
Carson on Freddy Gray and Alexis Del Cid (36:17)
Carson on Massage Parlors and Stand Down Orders (33:57)
Carson on Standing at School and Beer Ice Cream (35:35)
Carson on Baltimore Tourism and the National Guard (32:36)
Carson on the JCCC Bathroom Perv and Baltimore Gangs (36:14)
Carson on Ray Lewis and a Billion Dollar Check (37:41)
Carson on Baltimore Riots and KCTV5's Ellen McNamara (34:52)
Carson on Students Sharing Naked Pics (34:17)
Carson on the Baltimore Mayor Inciting Violence (34:46)
Carson on the Nepal Earthquake and Bruce Jenner (34:48)
Carson on Mushrooms, KS Cig Tax and Sperm Donation (40:25)
Carson on the Avengers and Complicated Furniture (36:02)
Carson on Fight Prices and Illegal DLs (32:17)
Carson on Native Americans and Depression (35:32)
Carson on the Royals Brawl and an NFL Uber Driver (35:32)
Carson on Stuff You Know That's Wrong (34:58)
Carson on the Muppet Show and KC Noise Complaints (35:06)
Carson on Concussions and D Bowe (35:00)
Carson on YouTube's Birthday and Songs in You Head (36:12)
Carson on Men Putting Off Marriage (35:37)
Carson on Homeless Men Preventing Crime & Baseball Rant (33:48)
Carson on Pit Bulls and Texting from the Bathroom (36:53)
Carson on Quitting Jobs and Jesse Ventura Calls In (34:20)
Carson on Cars, Bad Names and Hookers for Hillary (36:00)
Carson on John Hinckley Jr and 4/20 Humor (34:36)
Carson on Baseball and Plaza Collision (34:05)
Carson on Frats and Death (34:49)
Carson on Dead Actors (39:07)
Carson on Health and Pat Robert's Ringtone (34:31)
Carson on Bergdahl, Star Wars and Gyrocopter (35:53)
Carson on Baseball, Hillary and ESPN (38:38)
Carson on Free Range Parents and Hillary's Tour Update (32:32)
Carson on Royals Loss and Aaron Hernandez (34:55)
Carson on TSA Groping and Circumcision (34:14)
Carson on Judge Activism and a Cop Running Over Suspect (32:34)
Carson on Percy Sledge and Hillary's Campaign (34:32)
Carson on Tax Day and Bruce Jenner (34:45)
CARSON IN THE MORNING PARODY: Hillary Campaign Ad (0:47)
Carson on a Dog Shooting and Wheelchair Proof (34:42)
Carson on Free Range Kids (32:15)
Carson on Hillary's Chipotle Visit and Rubio for Pres (34:14)
Carson on Hillary Campaign Ad and Eating Too Healthy (32:37)
Carson on Rand Paul and Jon Taffer Calls In (35:19)
Carson on Uber Regulations in KC (32:46)
Carson on Hillary Clinton and a Walter Scott Update (36:35)
Carson on Transgendered Bathrooms (37:13)
Carson on Barry Manilow, Band Names and Obama Asthma (34:34)
Carson on Women in Combat and Steaks at Disney (33:46)
Carson on MO Food Stamps (34:24)
Carson on South Carolina Shooting and Rob Lowe Ads (34:29)
Carson on Dukes of Hazard and Rand Paul (33:10)
Carson on Breast Cancer and South Carolina Shooting (43:45)
Carson on Tornados and Rand Paul (43:45)
Carson on Payday Loan Regulations (34:39)
Carson on Milk, Plaza Youth and Kaufman Flyovers (34:25)
Carson on KS Republicans and a Rand Paul Presidency (36:18)
Carson on Taxing MO Drug Dealers (33:04)
Carson on Driverless Cars and Uber in Kansas (38:16)
Carson on KS C&C and MO Lobbyists (37:02)
Carson on Millennials Moving to KC and Iran Nuke Deal (36:37)
Carson on Pigs, Banks & Female Highway Patrol Officers (40:02)
Carson on the Minimum Wage and Letting Kids Drink (40:23)
Carson on Dog Thefts and Pizza Parlor Drama (35:51)
Carson on Sexist Billboard and KS Racist Claims (36:42)
Carson on Aging Rockers, Police Bullying and Squirrels (36:31)
Carson on Religious Freedom Laws and the GOP (36:49)
CaCarson on Bad Cat Music and Adult Coloring Books (36:36)
Carson on Bruce Jenner and Offensive Chants (33:58)
Carson on a KS Police Chase and Religious Freedom Act (35:28)
Carson on McD Breakfast and Birth in an Uber Cab (39:09)
Carson on Kid Pole Dancing Class (36:56)
Carson on Religious Freedom Laws and Fat Shaming (35:49)
Carson on Westlemania, Profiling and Special Needs (37:18)
Carson on Mopacas, Tavel Tips and Rural Uber Cabs (36:55)
Carson on Rich Paying for Poor's College (36:02)
Carson on Kauffman Health Violations and Country Music (34:13)
Carson on Football Retirement and Furious 7 (35:09)
Carson on German Plane Crash and Working From Home (34:28)
Carson on Bergdahl, Royals Value and Environment (36:53)
CARSON IN THE MORNING PARODY: "Hey Bergdahl" Song (1:38)
Carson on DL Checkpoints (35:44)
Carson on and Pensions Hurting KC and Underage Stings (32:02)
Carson on Teen Driving, Babysitting and Firing Squads (36:34)
Carson on Death Tax and Banning Frats (34:54)
Carson on Horrible Radio People, and Magic Tricks (36:37)
Carson on Higher Bullying and Racial Bias (35:31)
Carson on Sex Box and Election Issues (36:01)
Carson on Monica's TED Talk and 80s TV Themes (35:50)
Carson on Starbucks Talking Race (34:05)
Carson on BBQ, Mr T, and an Arabic Pledge of Allegiance (34:50)
Carson on Basketball, Solar Eclipse and Magnum P.I. (36:02)
Carson on TV and Silly Interview Questions (34:06)
Carson on High Pets, Redshirting, and Bracketology (34:54)
Carson on the EPA and Google Fiber (35:50)
Carson on Teenage Controversial Dressing (33:31)
Carson on Mac and Cheese and MU Muslim Student (34:38)
Carson on KCFD Flash Mob and March Madness Facts (36:51)
Carson on Overrated Actors (36:03)
Carson on Classic Cars and State v Local Laws (32:55)
Carson on Coke, Baby Names and a Ferguson Update (34:48)
Carson on Luxury Toilet Paper and MO C&C (34:33)
Carson on Brackets, NBC News and STL Shooter (37:17)
Carson on Nerds in KC and What States Are Good At (35:50)
Carson on Zoo Ethics and Ferguson Theories (35:26)
Carson on Ferguson Police Shooting (35:10)
Carson on Hillary Emails, Rappers and Throwing Pizza (36:08)
Carson on Ferguson, Breast Milk and Chemotherapy (38:41)
Carson on Miracle Rescue, Hitchhicking and Gay Weddings (37:16)
Carson on Blurred Lines, Bad Teeth and Cow Paintings (37:12)
Carson on Apple Watch, Cocaine Mistake and DST (34:44)
Carson on Bees, Meth and Transgenders (37:01)
Carson on Racist Frat (28:59)
Carson on MO Cigarette Taxes (33:53)
Carson on Dyeing His Hair (36:42)
Carson on Elephant Acts (33:22)
Carson on Spock, Titled Kilt and the Bacon Bowl (34:08)
Carson on Harrison Ford and Sledders (37:13)
Carson on Muslim Holidays and Cell Phone Over Use (37:28)
Carson on Ferguson Report and Olathe TB (34:26)
Carson on Home Owners Association Fight (36:37)
Carson on Netanyahu Speech and Tom Schwiech Ad (34:31)
Carson on Buddy Holly and Free Range Kids (37:27)
CARSON IN THE MORNING PARODY: New Speedway Races (0:51)
Carson on Vaccinations and SpongeBob (38:32)
Carson on Hillary's Email and Muslim Suing Costco (35:54)
Carson on Ferguson Racial Tension and PTSD (24:00)
Carson on Man Showers and Netanyahu (35:23)
Carson on Weed Trouble and Fast Food Wages (37:38)
Carson on John Kerry Saying the World Is Safe (34:58)
Carson on Digital Signs and Tom Schweich (32:15)
Carson on Gun Control, Farm Taxes and the End of Shame (35:35)
Carson on iFly, Face Transplants, and Mr Rogers (38:03)
CARSON IN THE MORNING PARODY: Frozen Ear Worm Syndrome (1:16)
Carson on Felons Serving Alcohol and KS C& C (34:20)
Carson on Religious Freedom and Trayvon Martin (35:46)
Carson on Court Storming, Peanut Allergies, and Refer (33:29)
Carson on KS Food Tax and Liberty Bullying (37:55)
Carson on Chris Kyle and Merriam Swap Meets (35:19)
CARSON IN THE MORNING PARODY: Skyfall Sequester (2:10)
Carson on Placentas PLUS Chris and Lorraine Walllace (34:01)
Carson on Low Oscars Ratings and Sperm Donor Rights (38:28)
Carson on 9 Volt Fire Risk and Rudy Giuliani (36:00)
Carson on the Oscars and Thanking Vets (39:40)
Carson on Kerry's Terrorist Comments (32:35)
Carson on MO's Lt Gov Wanting More Money (33:42)
Kris Kobach on Obama's Immigration Order (12:18)
Carson on LBGTQQIA school (34:32)
Carson on Cherry Mash, Dr Seuss and KC Remote Start Law (37:47)
Carson on Creepy Biden and KS Sex Ed (35:42)
Carson on Body Cams and Islamic Extremism (37:25)
Carson on Fantasy Leagues in KS (39:04)
Carson on Mardi Gras and ISIS Terror (24:49)
Carson on a Sledding Ban and Unreported Tips (39:35)
Carson on Dog Shows and The Great Mall (39:51)
Carson on Gender Free Housing at Mizzou (37:57)
Carson on Car Trouble and SNL 40 (40:44)
Carson on Corrupt City Council and 50 Shades Review (39:10)
Carson on KC Black inequality and C&C in KS (37:42)
Carson on Transgendered Show in KC (17:14)
Carson on MO Welfare and Biden Gaff (38:37)
Carson on Jon Stewart and Couple's Passwords (42:07)
Carson the Death Penalty (26:43)
Carson on a Murderer Out on Bail (41:10)
Carson on the Powerball, Bob Simon and Jon Stewart (39:46)
Carson on Cholesterol Being Good! (38:33)
Carson on Brownback' LGBT Order (34:56)
Carson on Brian Williams' Suspension and Robot Jobs (36:36)
Carson on Ram's Stadium and Westport Business (37:56)
Carson on Indoor Skydiving and Women Shaving (36:46)
Carson on KS Taxes and MO Prisons (35:55)
Carson on Car Thefts and Banned Words (38:25)
CARSON IN THE MORNING PARODY: Brian Williams Song (1:31)
CARSON IN THE MORNING PARODY: McDonalds Pay With Love (1:13)
Carson on the War on Boys (40:32)
Carson on MORE Brian Williams Lies (37:43)
Carson on Frost Quakes, Car Washes, and KS School Cuts (41:25)
Carson on McDonalds' "Pay With Love" Ad (23:34)
Carson on Brian Williams Lie (38:06)