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Podcast Title
01-22-18: ITLR: Jackson's Son is Rooting for Patriots
01-22-18: ITLR: Foles Didn't Need to Adjust
01-22-18: ITLR: No QB like Brady
01-22-18: ITLR: B.Mitch Knew Pats Were Coming Back
01-19-18: ITLR: Can Jags Slow Down The Pats?
01-19-18: ITLR:Do Redskins Fans Root Against Eagles?
01-19-18: ITLR: Patriots Are Great
01-18-18: ITLR: Shawn Springs On Tom Brady
01-17-18: ITLR: Smoot: Jags Vs. Pats
01-17-18: ITLR: Redskins Fans Are True Fanatics
01-17-18: ITLR: Most Surprising QB
01-16-18: ITLR: Extra Point Rule
01-11-18: ITLR: Barry Trotz
01-11-18: ITLR: Surprised With Ovechkin Scoring?
01-10-18: ITLR: Redskins Potentially Playing In London?
01-09-18: ITLR: Saban Recruits
01-09-18: ITLR: Saban Has A Feel For Football
01-08-18: ITLR: Smoot: Minkah Fitzpatrick
01-08-18: ITLR: Smoot: Georgia Upset
01-05-18: ITLR: Mark Rypien On His Experience
01-05-18: ITLR: Mark Rypien Not Wanting Gibbs Mad
01-05-18: ITLR: B.Mitch Optimistic About Kirk Cousins
01-04-18: ITLR: Mike Scott On Bradley Beal
01-04-18: ITLR: Mike Scott: Wizards Getting Over Hump
01-04-18: ITLR: Brian Mitchell Checking His Pipes
01-03-18: ITLR: Redskins Positives
01-02-18: ITLR: Baker Mayfield
01-02-18: ITLR: Georgia Running Backs
12-29-17: ITLR: Gruden: Redskins Defense
12-29-17: ITLR: Gruden: Positive Note
12-27-17: ITLR: Larry Michael: Commitment Strong
12-27-17: ITLR: Larry Michael: Get After QB
12-26-17: ITLR: Redskins A.J. Francis
12-26-17: ITLR: Wizards Oubre Jr And Porter
12-26-17: ITLR: John Wall Creativity
12-22-17: ITLR: Gruden On Fuller Being A Nickel
12-22-17: ITLR: Jay Gruden On Smith And Lanier
12-22-17: ITLR: Jay Gruden On Broncos Defense
12-22-17: ITLR: Doug Williams Super Bowl Memories
12-21-17: ITLR: Larry Michael On Kirk Cousins
12-21-17: ITLR: Von Miller A Challenge For Redskins
12-21-17: ITLR: Larry Michael Presents Challenges
12-20-17: ITLR: Redskins Pro Bowlers
12-20-17: ITLR: Smoot Loves Walmart
12-20-17: ITLR: Fred Smoot on Fish Smithson
12-19-17: ITLR: Team Chemistry
12-18-17: ITLR: Josh Norman Needs To Be Challenged
12-18-17: ITLR: Kendall Fuller On Doc's Draft Team
12-18-17: ITLR: Doc On Anthony Lanier II
12-15-17: ITLR: Gruden On Blaine Gabbert
12-15-17: ITLR: Gruden- Breeland On Kick Returns
12-15-17: ITLR: Gruden- Have To Stay Balanced
12-15-17: ITLR: Gruden- Starting Healthy Players
12-14-17: ITLR- Galette On How To Beat The Cardinals
12-14-17: ITLR- Galette On His Opportunities
12-14-17: ITLR- Junior Galette Feels Fresh
12-14-17: ITLR- Larry Michael On Redskins Fans
12-14-17: ITLR- Larry Michael Challenge Accepted
12-12-17: ITLR: Ball Kids Going To Lithuania
Best of ITLR: Sundberg on Loads of Love
Best of ITLR: Sundberg On Kids Uniform Policies
Best of ITLR: Nick Sundberg Talks About Foundation
Best of ITLR: Gruden On Importance Of Special Teams
Best of ITLR: Gruden On Philip Rivers
Best of ITLR: Gruden On Chargers Defense
Best of ITLR: Larry Michael Challenge For Sunday
Best of ITLR: Robert Davis Always Plays 100%
Best of ITLR: What Robert Davis Is Playing For
Best of ITLR: Ryan Grant Among The Free Agents
Best of ITLR: Galette A Free Agent
Best of ITLR: Zach Brown A Free Agent