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Podcast Title
04-20-18: Cooley: Vita Vea Breakdown
04-20-18: Cooley: Payne Film Breakdown
04-19-18: Cooley: Draft RB Late
04-19-18: Cooley Film Breakdown: Awkward Derrius Guice
04-19-18: Cooley Film Breakdown: Derrius Guice
04-18-18: Cooley: Casserly: Trading Back
04-18-18: Cooley: Casserly: Options At 13
04-18-18: Cooley: Casserly: RB Options
04-18-18: Cooley: Draft D.J. Chark
04-16-18: Cooley: Sign Dez
04-16-18: Cooley: Draft A TE
04-16-18: Cooley: Caps Have Jumbled Goalie Sitaution
04-16-18: Cooley: Caps Look Better Than Columbus
04-13-18: Cooley: Portis On Kalen Ballage
04-13-18: Cooley: Redskins Not Drafting QB
04-13-18: Cooley: Caps Better Be Right About Goalie
04-13-18: Cooley: Ovie Must Show Urgency
04-12-18: Cooley: Portis On Nick Chubb
04-12-18: Cooley: Wizards Did Not Want Finale
04-12-18: Cooley: Baby Raccoon
04-12-18: Cooley: Draft Impact RB
04-12-18: Cooley: Brunell Was Better Leader Than Kirk
04-11-18: Cooley: Cool To Open 2018 At NYG
04-11-18: Cooley: Kevin's Mock Redskins Schedule
04-11-18: Cooley: Can Redskins Win NFC East
04-11-18: Cooley: Portis Says Kerryon Johnson Is Soft
04-10-18: Cooley: Portis Says Barkley Only 3-Down Back
04-10-18: Cooley: Scherzer Man Crush
04-10-18: Cooley: Sensitive Swearinger
04-09-18: Cooley: Portis On Scouting RB's
04-09-18: Cooley: Was Kevin Hogan An Author?
04-06-18: Cooley: Jordan Howard Trade Would Be Great
04-06-18: Cooley: Banned Phrases At Masters
04-06-18: Cooley: Wall Needs To Be More Clutch
04-05-18: Cooley: Best Sports Video Game
04-05-18: Cooley: Zuckerman: Bryce At 400 Million?
04-05-18: Cooley: Gruden: Does Smith Need Run Game?
04-05-18: Cooley: Gruden: Richardson Speed
04-05-18: Cooley: Gruden: Every Play An RPO
04-04-18: Cooley: Gruden: Smith Will Easily Adapt
04-04-18: Cooley: Gruden: QB Friendly System
04-04-18: Cooley: Gruden: Interviewing Draftees
04-04-18: Cooley: Gruden: Nicknames
04-04-18: Cooley: Gruden: Helping Dad Mow Lawn
04-03-18: Cooley: Portis' Playing Weight
04-03-18: Cooley: Keim On Offseason And Contending
04-03-18: Cooley: Keim On Defensive Line Help
04-02-18: Cooley: No CTE Symptoms
04-02-18: Cooley: Biggest Redskins FA Mistake
04-02-18: Cooley: Rypien's Problems Not All Football
04-02-18: Cooley: Nats Could Be Awesome
03-30-18: Cooley: Su'a Wanted To Be Begged Back
03-30-18: Cooley: Should Not Be In Game Suspensions
03-30-18: Cooley: Redskins Won't Regret Trading Su'a
03-29-18: Cooley: Awful Rule Changes
03-29-18: Cooley: Should He Tell Denver About Su'a
03-29-18: Cooley: Concussion Protocol
03-29-18: Cooley: How Much $ For Kevin To Watch All 162
03-28-18: Cooley: Pernell McPhee Breakdown
03-28-18: Cooley: Jay Wanted More Free-Agents
03-28-18: Cooley: Jay Knows He Must Win In 2018
03-28-18: Cooley: Jay Trusts Redskins College Scout
03-27-18: Cooley: Finlay: No More Big Signings
03-27-18: Cooley: Finlay: What Jay Wants From Doctson
03-27-18: Cooley: Finlay: Big Names Missing OTA's
03-27-18: Cooley: Don't Buy Best Available
03-26-18: Cooley: OBJ Trade Value
03-26-18: Cooley: Zuckerman: 5th Starter Not A Big Deal
03-26-18: Cooley: Zuckerman: Nats Last Best Chance
03-26-18: Cooley: McPhee Better Be A Baller
03-23-18: Cooley: Drafting Roquan Smith Will Be Perfect
03-23-18: Cooley: Redskins Moved On From Junior Galette
03-23-18: Cooley: No More Underdogs In Tournament
03-22-18: Cooley: How Much Would SF Have Given For Kirk
03-22-18: Cooley: Top Concern On Roster
03-22-18: Cooley: Adding Another DL Would Be Huge
03-22-18: Cooley: What 'Skins Need Out Of WRs
03-21-18: Cooley: Redskins Have Depth Over Top Talent
03-21-18: Cooley: Tucker Loves Smith Trade
03-21-18: Cooley: Tucker Says Draft Chubb