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Podcast Category
Play-by-Play110 episodes available
AM Springfield236 episodes available
Press Box74 episodes available
Ag24 episodes available
Money Talk with Bill Peterman36 episodes available
House Call with Dr. Sean McCaffrey40 episodes available
Podcast Title
Market's With Arlan Suderman INTL FC Stone (17:06)
Late To Start Planting? Not Just Yet. (15:33)
Soybean Farmers Caught In Trade War with China (14:35)
New Tarriff's Will Impact Pork Prices For Producers (9:50)
Davis's Signature Not on Letter to President (5:36)
Grain Markets - Mark Hobrock (10:37)
Spring Weather Outlook from BAMWX.com (13:44)
Dr. Michael Cordonnier On Dryness in Argentina (14:41)
Cattle and Cold Weather (15:55)
LLCC's Emmi Fischer Wins Black Farmer Scholarship (8:59)
LLCC's Mason Gordon Receives Nationwide Scholarship (15:15)
New Label for Dicamba Overtop of Soybeans (15:59)
Morgan County Farmer Talks Harvest (13:36)
Harvest Weather Outlook (14:59)
Sam chats Irma with his sister & Mayor of Venice, FL (12:17)
Sangamon Auditorium's Bob Vaughn (11:02)
Aylesworth Wins Master Showmanship (4:25)
ASA President Reacts to ASA CEO Nomination to USDA (15:39)
Market Outlook Before July USDA Report (13:52)
Watch The Ridge - Eric Snodgrass on July Weather (13:19)
County Fairs Don't See a Funding Increase (4:14)
June 30 Report Outlook with Matt Bennett (15:41)
Dicamba Complaints In Illinois Are Low (14:58)
High Tech Applicator School Now Open (9:47)