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The Border Patrol127 episodes available
Additional Programming120 episodes available
Podcast Title
Sports Sunday: Sticking to sports and Danny Duffy (4:22)
Sports Sunday: News, sports, and radio (22:35)
Sports Sunday: Every mascot is offensive (22:21)
Sports Sunday: Washington's name controversy (41:51)
Sports Sunday: TJ's personal life (7:36)
Sports Sunday: Sporting struggles, Vermes comments (25:10)
Sports Sunday: Danny Duffy as a starter? (19:29)
May 22, 2016: Interview with Bill McDonald (45:25)
Sports Saturday: Peter Vermes is refreshingly honest (10:04)
Sports Saturday: Bartolo Colon's secret family (19:28)
Sports Saturday: Are clowns creepy or nah? (6:33)
Sports Saturday: Tom Brady and headlines (18:49)
Sports Saturday: Holding grudges in sports (15:17)
Sports Saturday: Baylor and the problem with institutio (28:05)
Sports Saturday: Bill Self's money (10:00)
Sports Saturday: Paulo Orlando has earned a shot (21:02)
Sports Saturday: The Royals are masters of cliches (17:24)
Sports Sunday: Royals with David Lesky (43:36)
Sports Sunday: Royals, Geese, Millennials, and Painting (50:37)
May 15, 2016: Building mental toughness (19:58)
Sports Saturday: More teams should emulate Sporting KC (16:29)
Sports Saturday: The lack of logic in conference realig (16:53)
Sports Saturday: Tony Schumacher (12:22)
Sports Saturday: Trusting Royals pitchers (20:45)
Sportsnight: Bill Connelly on Big 12 Realignment (19:10)
May 8, 2016: Mother's Day Show (44:46)
May 1, 2015: When Does Winning Begin To Matter? (49:05)
Sports Sunday: Royals, UFC, Sporting KC (48:39)
Sports Sunday: Chiefs and K-State (47:34)
Sports Sunday: Royals and Sporting (47:16)
April 24, 2016: Injuries with Dr. Steve Joyce (46:11)
Sports Saturday: Hosmer Toys, KU Football's Body Book (20:52)
Sports Sunday Hour 2: Chiefs schedule, more Royals (45:35)
Sports Sunday Hour 1: Royals, Chris Young and Cleveland (49:08)
April 17, 2016: Concussions w/Dr. Chip & Evan Mladenoff (44:21)
Sports Saturday: Wade Davis concerns and the Chiefs' po (32:33)