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Between the Lines124 episodes available
The Program161 episodes available
The Border Patrol115 episodes available
Additional Programming101 episodes available
Podcast Title
Sports Night: Bracket of Wrongness; Eric Berry Speech (9:57)
Sports Night: Cam Newton Criticism Before and After (20:25)
Sports Night: KSU, KU, and Mizzou Basketball Pressure (17:43)
Sports Night: Royals Tweet to the Panthers (15:53)
Sports Night: Important Tweet of the Day (3:06)
Sports Night: Super Bowl 50, what did you like best? (12:38)
Sports Night Mono: Super Bowl 50 Reaction (28:08)
Sports Sunday: Cody Tapp and Marc Boerigter (50:06)
Sports Sunday: Eric Berry's comeback speech (14:30)
Sports Sunday: Cody Tapp's Super Bowl experience (21:48)
Sports Saturday: Louisville sanctions with Jason Anders (20:27)
Sports Saturday: Paying college athletes (32:31)
Sports Saturday: TJ's stupid tweet (5:52)
Sports Saturday: Jesse Newell talks KU basketball (21:00)
Sports Saturday: Civil War origins of the Jayhawks and (23:57)
Sports Saturday: Talkin' Crap (10:53)
Sports Saturday: Appreciate Bill Self's sincerity (27:52)
Midwest Outdoors: Feb. 6, 2016 (48:40)
Royals Hot Stove Show (45:40)
Sports Sunday: Royals hour with David Lesky (48:49)
Sports Sunday: Travis Kelce's reality show (9:57)
Sports Sunday: The Chargers are lying to their fans (20:34)
Sports Sunday: Kansas beats Kentucky in OT (16:48)
January 31, 2016: The Impact of Fan Behavior (47:38)
Midwest Outdoors: Jan. 30, 2016 (47:56)
What's on Tapp 1/29 (49:25)
Sports Sunday: NFL playoff preview (6:52)
Sports Sunday: Cheick Diallo is not Joel Embiid (5:26)
Sports Sunday: Kansas basketball with Vahe Gregorian (18:03)
Sports Sunday: College coaches telling it like it is (9:10)
Sports Sunday: Kansas City coaches roundtable (17:56)
Sports Sunday: Players hold the power in most sports (19:02)
Sports Sunday: Kansas basketball with Danny Clinkscale (18:46)
Sports Sunday: Kansas needs to take advantage of matchu (11:32)
Sports Sunday: Reaction to KU's victory over Texas (19:53)
January 24, 2016: The Importance of Sportsmanship (44:10)
Sports Saturday: John Dorsey's look back on the Chiefs (10:34)
Sports Saturday: Mick Shaffer interview (31:16)
Sports Saturday: Dan Rouen interview and Mizzou talk (26:57)
Sports Saturday: Royals doomed to a short reign? (15:35)
Sports Saturday: How to fix Andy Reid's time problem (20:05)
Sports Saturday: Clock management Chiefs' big problem (25:57)
Midwest Outdoors: Jan. 23, 2016 (47:42)
Whats on Tapp 1/20 (48:39)
Whats on Tapp 1/18 (56:07)
Sport Psych: Dealing with Disappointment, Jan. 17, 2016 (42:45)
Midwest Outdoors: Jan. 16, 2016 (48:22)
Sports Sunday: Bengals vs. Steelers reaction (13:31)
Sports Sunday: Marc Boerigter (21:13)
Sports Sunday: Postgame Chiefs Interviews (15:31)
Sports Sunday: Chiefs end the playoff drought (19:24)
Sport Psych: Why Attitude is Everything, Jan. 10, 2016 (44:35)
Midwest Outdoors: Jan. 9, 2016 (48:59)