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Podcast Category
Between the Lines125 episodes available
The Program134 episodes available
The Border Patrol132 episodes available
Additional Programming119 episodes available
Podcast Title
Sports Night: Dana White's Power in UFC (11:14)
Sports Night Interview: Ben Kercheval, Bleacher Report (34:34)
Sports Night Mono: Chiefs Draft & When to Draft Who (25:50)
Sporting KC Show (50:52)
Sports Night: Mizzou Athletics (10:19)
Sports Night: Mark Cuban on Russell Westbrook (12:48)
4 - 26 - 16 Brad Stevens a Respected Coach Already (22:27)
Sports Night Interview: Kurt Helin of NBC Sports (32:27)
Sports Night: Mean Tweets in Sports (14:37)
Sports Night Mono: Chiefs Draft (25:31)
Sports Night: Steven Hawking Belief on Black Holes (12:26)
Sports Night Interview: Mick Shaffer (27:19)
Sports Night: NFL Combine; Royals TV $; Chase Daniel (16:24)
Sports Night: Deflategate Is Back... (11:31)
Sports Night Mono - Chiefs Draft (19:51)
Sports Sunday: Royals, UFC, Sporting KC (48:39)
Sports Sunday: Chiefs and K-State (47:34)
Sports Sunday: Royals and Sporting (47:16)
April 24, 2016: Injuries with Dr. Steve Joyce (46:11)
Sports Saturday: Hosmer Toys, KU Football's Body Book (20:52)
Sports Saturday: Be Reasonable Fans, 420 & the $20 Bill (19:22)
Sports Saturday: Strikeouts and Bat Paths of Hitters (19:24)
Sports Saturday Mono: John Dorsey Was Insightful (19:14)
Whats on Tapp 4/22 (46:37)
Sports Sunday Hour 2: Chiefs schedule, more Royals (45:35)
Sports Sunday Hour 1: Royals, Chris Young and Cleveland (49:08)
April 17, 2016: Concussions w/Dr. Chip & Evan Mladenoff (44:21)
Sports Saturday: Wade Davis concerns and the Chiefs' po (32:33)
April 10, 2016: The Keys to Great Coaching (43:21)
Sports Saturday: Bryson Dechambeau and Tyler Summitt (17:44)
Sports Saturday: Wade Davis is not a robot (8:30)
Sports Saturday: Football is HBO, Baseball is TBS (19:59)
Sports Saturday: "Fixing" baseball? (25:54)
Sports Saturday: Dennis Dodd on the future of the Big 1 (21:36)
Sports Saturday: Gregg Marshall's Future and Power (13:39)
Sports Sunday: Danny Clinkscale from Houston (11:08)
Sports Sunday: Don't Disrespect Rusty Kuntz (12:42)
Sports Sunday: Royals-Mets Tension (21:38)
Sports Sunday: What We Expect from Athletes (28:31)
Sports Sunday: The Final Four and UNC's Violations (24:04)
April 3, 2016: Mental Keys to Success in Sports (46:08)
Sports Saturday: Money and Sports (16:16)
Sports Saturday: The Bill Self Discussion (33:42)
Sports Saturday: 2 Fast 2 Much Money, BoW Update (18:57)
Sports Saturday: Blair Kerkhoff (17:24)
Sports Saturday: Why the Chiefs are a B franchise (7:52)
Sports Saturday: Trust vs. Hope/Royals vs. Chiefs (23:28)
March 27, 2016: Baseball and Family with Brian McRae (46:14)